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What Makes 6 Points Unique

A Camp for All Jewish Athletes! 6 Points Sports Academy is where every Jewish athlete can do what they love to do and be part of a loving community. We strive to make every camper’s experience nurturing and fulfilling, and we do so by making sure that every child feels welcomed and supported.

What is the skill level of campers at 6 Points? Will my child fit in? There is a wide range in skill level among our campers. Some of our athletes are not very advanced, while others train throughout the year on selective club and youth development teams. What all our campers have in common is PASSION for their respective sport major and a desire to take their game to the next level. The beauty of our programing is that our head coaches are professionals at what they do and adjust their approach to each camper depending on their skill level.

What if my family isn’t very involved in Jewish life? Campers come to us from a variety of Jewish backgrounds. Some children come from families who are very involved in their synagogues attending Shabbat services regularly, and some do not. Some children attend Jewish Day Schools, and some attend Religious School only once a month. And everyone in between! We help our campers learn what they don’t know, and embrace what they do know. Living in an immersive Jewish community offers all of our campers the opportunity to strengthen their Jewish identities while learning more about Judaism.

6 Points Sports Academy is a welcoming community for interfaith families who have made Jewish choices for their children, including Jewish overnight camp. We welcome children from a variety of backgrounds, and know they will quickly mesh into one community.

What if my camper needs extra support while at camp? Our Camp Care Coordinator is on site to work with campers who might need extra support and with the staff who will be caring or them. Before campers arrive at camp, we ask any parent who anticipates that his/her child will need extra support to share this information on the required camper forms. This way, we can begin to prepare for the camper before he/she arrives. As necessary, our Camp Care staff stays in touch with parents throughout the summer.


Visit our FAQs page or give our office a call at 561-208-1650

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Join the directors for an informational session! We will discuss everything you need to know about 6 Points including health and safety, communication, and financial assistance.

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