General Questions

Where is 6 Points Sports Academy located?
Camp is located at Asheville School in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Our state-of-the-art athletic facilities rank among the best in the Southeast, making it an athlete’s dream come true. Some facility highlights include: two double gymnasiums, four full-size athletic fields, and seven tennis courts.
Who are our campers?
6 Points Sports Academy strives to embody the “audacious hospitality” of the Reform Movement. We welcome campers and staff members from families of all kinds–including those with interfaith, same-sex or single parents–or those who themselves identify as LGBTQ.

Campers are entering grades 4-12 and LOVE sports. We are proud to be a community that is geographically diverse – representing 35 states and 7 countries. Our largest groups of campers come from North Carolina, Georgia, DC/Maryland/Virginia, Florida, Texas, Michigan, and California, though we many campers who travel from everywhere in between! Most of our campers are members of Reform and Conservative Jewish synagogues.

What is the food like?
We are grateful to partner with SAGE Dining to provide delicious and nutritious food for our community. Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy our meals because of the variety we offer. We strive to serve all of our campers’ dietary needs by offering a wide variety of meal options that are kid friendly and healthy. Each day’s breakfast includes a favorite such as pancakes, French toast, oatmeal, waffles, eggs or croissants. Cold cereal, fresh cut fruit, Greek yogurt, milk and orange juice are also always available. Lunch favorites include pizza bagels, chicken tenders, grilled cheese sandwiches, and falafel. And dinner favorites are grilled hamburgers, burrito bar, brisket, and lasagna. At both lunch and dinner, campers are welcome to a full salad and sandwich station, as well as fresh fruit.
What if my child has food allergies and/or dietary restrictions?
The health and safety of your child is our highest priority and our committment to ensuring a safe environment extends to the dining experience.

6 Points Sports Academy is a peanut, tree nut, and nut oil-free camp.

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives are always available.

Tablet screens at each food station indicate the presence of the top 9 food allergens and also state if the food choices are vegetarian or vegan-friendly.

Please call our office to discuss any specific food questions.

What level of kashrut does camp offer?
We do not serve dairy and meat at the same meal, and we do not serve pork or shellfish (or products containing them).

When meat is served, we do offer kosher meat that is cooked separately for campers and staff for whom kosher meat is necessary.

What are the dorms like?
The dorms at camp are exceptional – we’re on a beautiful boarding school campus after all!

Our three dorm buildings are air-conditioned, perfect for cooling off after a rigorous sports major session. Our dorms have multiple floors and are equipped with a common bathroom with private toilet and shower stalls on each floor.

Campers live in rooms of two. Each room is equipped with a bunk bed (top bunk has a bed rail) as well as plenty of storage for clothes and personal belongings.

Camp’s housekeeping staff clean and sterilize all of the bathrooms daily, while campers are responsible for the cleanliness of their own bedrooms.

Can my child request a roommate?

We do like to know the wishes of parents and campers regarding roommate arrangements. You may submit a roommate request through the Roommate Request Form in your CampInTouch account. Please note that requests must be mutual and campers must be the same school grade.

Camp can be a valuable tool in helping your child make the most of his/her developmental years. Experience has shown that part of the fun and growth at camp is to experience meeting new people and learning to live in a group situation. A successful new friendship can be the most rewarding aspect of the camp season!

Be assured that if you decide not to make a roommate request for your child (many families do not), matches will be made with the utmost thought and concern. For example, first-year campers are roomed with another first-year camper.

If you do make a request, please remember that the camp reserves the right to make all roommate assignments. There are times when, in the best interest of your child, other children, and the camp, requests cannot be honored. In these few cases, we hope that you will trust our professional judgment.

What am I supposed to pack?
Clothes for camp should be durable, inexpensive, and informal. Athletic clothing and sneakers are essential. The only time campers “dress up” (wearing a white top) is on Friday night for Shabbat. Our Family Handbook includes a suggested packing list with specific details for individual sports. Please do not pack items that carry sentimental value as items do get lost and be sure EVERYTHING has a name on it!
Do you do laundry at camp?
Our laundry service will pick-up, wash, fold and return each camper’s laundry once per session. An additional laundry service will be done for Intersession campers.

Campers should have enough clothing with them to last at least seven days. Campers should come to camp with a labeled personal laundry bag and all clothing should be properly labeled with the camper’s name.

What is camp’s package policy?

We do not accept packages. This includes boxes or large mailing envelopes of any size. Camp will only accept mail up to a standard #10 business envelope (4-1/8″ x 9-1/2″) or a greeting card-sized envelope (5” x 7”). Larger items will be returned to the sender or donated to charity. Please be sure to alert grandparents and other family members about this policy.

Our experience through the years showed us that our system of accepting packages from families could not be sustained. We believe this decision is truly in the best interests of our campers. Here’s why:

  • The volume of packages that arrives in camp each day creates a community of “have and have-nots” and undermines our efforts to create a Jewish community in which each camper feels that he or she is valued and treated equally.
  • Some campers don’t receive any packages, which leads to feelings of sadness and jealousy; others receive so many packages they literally cannot manage all of the “stuff” in their dorm room.
  • Our staff spends hours organizing and sorting hundreds of packages daily, giving them less time to spend with campers.
  • Empty packages produce a tremendous amount of waste.
  • Sadly, many parents do not respect our no-food policy, and others forget to share that policy with extended family members. The food, candy and gum that arrives in these packages (hidden or otherwise) must be taken away, disappointing the camper.
  • Parents have told us that it is expensive and burdensome to fill and mail packages, and that they often feel pressure to do so.
  • Other Jewish overnight camps which have instituted similar no-package policies report that the burden it lifted from parents, campers, and camp staff has been positively received.

Of course, we understand that sometimes sending items to camp will be necessary. If your child has forgotten something necessary for camp (e.g., soccer cleats) or needs something new (e.g., more sunscreen), you will be able to send those types of items after notifying us in advance at 6PointsCares@urj.org. Please note that this will be done on an exception only basis. Unless we know a package is coming, we will not accept it at camp.

We are grateful for your cooperation.

Health & Safety

How are you addressing COVID-19 at camp?

We are excited to be planning for an in-person program for Summer 2022!

The health and safety of our families has always been and will remain our top priority as we work to open camp safely.

For Summer 2022, we are requiring all age eligible participants, staff, volunteers, and guests on our camp properties to be fully vaccinated, as defined by the CDC, against COVID-19. The URJ has a long history of requiring vaccinations for our community, and we believe strongly that preserving life and maintaining the health of our entire community is a core Jewish value. Knowing that our entire age-eligible community will be vaccinated against COVID-19 allows us to also adjust other mitigation strategies from this past summer. We will have additional information about these adjustments in the coming months, but we look forward to returning to a more typical summer experience in many ways. 

We know that the best practices surrounding COVID-19 are continually changing. We will remain responsive to ever-evolving standards and protocols both within the camping industry and as required by our federal and local governing bodies.

What medical facilities do you have at camp? What happens if my child gets sick?
The health and wellness of your child is of utmost importance at camp. Our fully-equipped 24-hour Health Center is staffed by registered nurses and a physician. We also have a state-of-the-art athletic training room where our athletic trainers are based during the day. Our medical team coordinates and monitors all daily medication distribution along with any as-needed medications directed to campers. All over-the-counter or prescription medication (except in certain instances like asthma inhalers, Epi-pens, nose sprays and creams) are locked in our medicine dispensary in the dining hall and Health Center and are only available to campers as distributed by our medical staff. We have a great relationship with our local emergency service departments. If necessary, Mission Hospital and Mercy Urgent Care are close by, and emergency services are available immediately.
How do you ensure safety and security at camp?

We take safety and security at camp very seriously. Asheville School’s security systems and procedures were developed in consultation with top-ranking, highly experienced security personnel. The security force is visible, well-known, and fully integrated into all campus operations yet unobtrusive to the camp program. Our one entry and exit on campus is guarded 24/7 and there is an additional security guard who roams campus, also 24/7.

6 Points Sports Academy does not share the campus with any other groups during the summer.

Additionally, the camp directors participate in extensive professional training to handle minor and major safety and security situations. Our summer staff also are trained to manage and handle safety and security situations during our pre-camp orientation. 24-hour, on-site security staff  monitors and keeps camp safe. Access to camp is restricted and available only through a security gate. All visitors must sign in before entering the site.

Does my child need to be immunized?
Yes, the Union for Reform Judaism requires that all camp and travel program participants, staff and faculty must be immunized. For more information, read the URJ Policy Statement on Vaccine Status.

Staff information

Who will be taking care of my child?
Our staff has been carefully selected and intensely trained by our camp directors to keep our campers, safe, happy and instill the values of 6 Points Sports Academy. All staff members participate in an intensive training program before our campers arrive which includes workshops led by our camp directors, outside professionals, and industry experts. Our dorm counselors are Jewish college and university students who bring abundant warmth and energy to our camp community. Our head coaches are professionals in their field, bringing with them years of experience coaching at the elite club, high school Varsity, or collegiate level.

A group of dynamic, sports-passionate rabbis and educators from our URJ congregations come to camp for a session at a time to help bridge our athlete and Jewish identities. Twelve energetic Israelis join our staff each summer. They are our assistant coaches and counselors, sharing their love of Israeli culture as well as creating our Israel Day program and teaching us Hebrew.

What is the staff-to-camper ratio?
There is one staff member for every four campers in each dorm. We intentionally position counselors bedrooms on the hall to  ensure that campers can easily locate a counselor at night. We take great pride in our quality camper supervision; whenever campers are in their dorm, a counselor is there as well. At night, when campers return to their dorm to go to sleep after sport majors, a counselor remains on the dorm hall to supervise the campers. All counselors sleep in the dorms with the campers.
How are 6 Points Sports Academy staff trained to care for campers?

At 6 Points Sports Academy, we take great pride in hiring the very best, most competent and energetic role models to be a part of our team. Prior to the start of the summer season, each staff member participates in an extensive week-long training led by our senior staff and professionals in various fields including social work, child psycholgy, child abuse prevention, and more.