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FAQ’s for the 2022 Camp Store

When will my clothes ship?

When checking out you have two options to choose for shipping. 

  • Free Shipping- if you have chosen this than your items will be shipped to camp and handed out to campers. 
  • Paid Shipping- if you choose to pay for shipping than your items will be shipped to your address at home. Please note that for session one campers in order for campers to have their clothes at camp they need to be shipped to camp.

For further questions please reach out to our team at Vermont Green Printing.

What is available to purchase?

100% Cotton t-shirts, sport-tek t-shirts, Under Armor t-shirts, 100% cotton t-shirts, hoodies, crew necks, and draw string bags! Check out the shop to see all the different colors and items available!

Can I add my name to clothes?

Yes, and we encourage it! All drawstring bags must have names on them!

Do I need to buy anything?

Nope! This Is totally optional. All campers will receive two 6 Points shirts while they’re at camp.

Are there women's clothes?

All clothes are gender neutral styles but do lean towards men’s sizing. 

What is the deadline to purchase?

The store is only open until May 29th! Make sure you purchase your items ASAP! The store will close after May 29th and open back up again in time for the holiday season! 

I want some 6 Point swag but I won't be at camp this summer. What do I do?

No problem! When purchasing your items just make sure to say that you’re not shipping to camp. You’ll have the option when checking out to ship to a different location.