The Impact of a Value Bracelet

6 Points Spotlights

A Piece of 6 Points with Maccabi Ra'anana

On October 16, 2023, Maccabi Ra’anana played the Cleveland Cavaliers in an exhibition game in Ohio. This game occurred just over a week after the October 7 attack in Israel. Two 6 Points campers and brothers attended: Eli, an Ashkelon Alligator in 2023, and Leo, a Heriliyza Hawk. When discussing the experience, Eli said, “The game was amazing, from the start when we joined the Israelis surrounding us in singing the Hatikva to the end where I got to meet the players.” 

At the end of the game, Eli and Leo had both decided to attempt to give a 6 Points value bracelet to players that stuck out to them throughout the game. They did so to share their identity as Jewish athletes with other Jewish athletes on the professional level and as a sign of solidarity with Israel. 

Eli said, “By halftime, I had decided to give a leadership bracelet that I brought to the game to Yonatan Attias. Attias not only was a leader on the court but was encouraging his teammates while on the bench and keeping spirits high while they dealt with the Cavalier’s skill.” Leo chose to throw a respect bracelet to Yoav Berman. He did this as a genuine sign of respect to the players that he looked up to as successful Jewish athletes. 

By getting both players’ attention, they were able to get the leadership and respect bracelets onto the court. Yonatan and Yoav successfully caught and read them and greatly appreciated the gesture. While bracelets hold such meaning for us at camp, this proves that, as Jewish athletes, we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. 

Leo mentioned that by watching these players and reflecting on his time on the court year after year at 6 Points, he was instilled and inspired by the idea that it could be him one day. This moment truly shows the power of being a Jewish athlete and reminds us that the community of Jewish athletes is bigger than our community at camp. Also, as seen through the appreciation from the players, no small act of kindness goes unnoticed.