Shabbat Words from Netanya Counselor Margo Kaye

6 Points Spotlights

Although a major theme of the Mi Chamocha is freedom, it also encompasses the ideas of change and continuity. The group of Israelites remained together and persisted through a major change and transition in crossing the Red Sea. In my 8 years here, some aspects of camp have changed while others remain constant (many people stay, new people come; we sing to the same songs but add new hand motions). This coexistence of change and continuity has heightened my experiences here. I have learned to value my long-lasting relationships AND be open to connecting with new people. Similarly, my shift from a camper to counselor offered meaningful perspective AND allowed me to appreciate my previous counselors even more. While some changes or camp traditions might seem foreign at first, I encourage you to buy into them. 6 points has taught me that new people, new traditions, and new experiences only strengthen and cultivate your perspective. It’s not wrong for us to grow accustomed to our old ways, but I invite you to cross your personal Red Sea’s in life and be open to change. Shabbat Shalom.