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Dear 6 Points, 

Standing here I am filled with mixed emotions. I’m excited and nervous almost feeling the same way I felt when I showed up as a  Haifa Hornet. 

I came to camp not knowing what to expect. I had been to other summer camps before, but I never really felt like I connected. After only 24 hours at 6 points, meeting Ayla Kaufman my Haifa counselor, I quickly found out that 6 points was the place to meet your people for life. I met my best friends who are effortlessly funny, I’ve had counselors who support me through my highest highs and lowest lows and coaches who keep in touch throughout the year. 

Two of my best friends here at camp, Ansley and Ilana didn’t end up as roommates two summers ago. When it felt like the end of the world, my counselors were there to listen to me, and help me make the best of the situation. My counselors have become such role models in my life, including Sophie. She was my counselor and then my unit head last summer and I always felt so safe around her. I haven’t always had hype counselors, but she was able to bring the energy and also be a support when I needed her. All of the counselors I have had in my summers here have helped shape me into who I am today, and I am so grateful for having these role models in my life.

 I didn’t love my roommates, spent every second with Bethany and Caroline in softball and was nervous to branch out. 


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Noa. 

7 years ago my brothers went to 6 points in California for the first time. They came home and would not shut up about camp. Specifically, they continued to talk about the community of friends they created and how awesome their counselors were. After hearing all of this, I had to see it for myself. At 11 years old I showed up to 6 points California and found that everything my brothers told me was true. I couldn’t feel luckier to have spent my summers since then at 6 points. 

6 points to me at the time was just basketball camp. About a week into camp I realized it was so much more. When I think about my first year at 6 points California, the first thing that I thought about was Israel day. I remember my Israeli counselors teaching us about the IDF and saying “smole, smole, smole, yamin smole”.  

6 points gave me the opportunity to learn dribbling skills from an Israeli National Basketball Player but at the same time spending electives at an indoor pool party with my best friends. 6 Points is living miles and miles away from your mishpacha, but still finding ways to visit them and make memories throughout the school year.


Noa and I have so many impactful memories that have shaped our experiences at 6 points. I always love seeing my dorm come together, even though I cry on the last night of camp every single time. One year, the entire dorm, including the CIT’S and counselors, all came into my room. We stayed up super late and made sure we said goodbye to the first girls to leave. Similarly, in kfar last year, we had 31 girls. Might I just say, that is a lot of girls. With 31 girls it’s hard to get to know everyone well, but in the short session I can truly say I had 31 friends.


The first week of camp is always hard to adjust to but what I’ve learned is that the first shabbat always turns it around. One memory that has stuck with me from shabbat was one that I made last year with our mishpacha. Our dorm had trouble connecting with each other and a lot of us stayed in our cliques, that was up until shabbat when we had a kfarty zumba session. At first no one wanted to participate (except kate ofc) but as soon as our counselors turned the music on, we started to get hyped about this activity. We danced and laughed to countdown by beyonce, waka waka, and golden boy for hours. And even though some of our dance moves were questionable we still managed to have fun and we still laugh about the memories we made, to this day. When I think of camp and all the fun I have had at this amazing place, I think of random activities like this that brought me the most joy and laughter.


People always say, “You come to camp for the people” and let me just tell you that is so beyond true. When I came to the camp the first time, I was so nervous to walk into the gym and see everyone because I thought no one would remember me. But as soon as I walked down the stairs my friends came around the corner and our eyes immediately lit up. We ran towards each other and jumped into a big hug, tumbling to the floor into a dog pile. Its almost as if waiting a whole year to see your favorite people pays off.


6 points is so special because of the ruach, the kindness, and generosity. Throughout this last year I have gotten to witness many lasts but also a lot of other peoples firsts. Our last maccabia, last camp champs, first and last time eating in the dungeon, the last cheer and dance performance, the last shabbat and the last firefly. Yet for a lot of you, this is your first time experiencing the family-like culture and the growing community. If I have to leave you with one thing, it’s to take the risk, push yourself out of your comfort zone and strive for growth. We are all so lucky to be here, take advantage of it. We will always cherish our memories at 6 points and are so grateful for our time growing up here. 


Coming to 6 points, I never imagined I’d be in such capable hands. I genuinely feel like everyone here cares about me and wants me to succeed, whether it was when I was a little haifa hornet, or a K’far kangaroo. You never realize how fast time flies by until you’re standing here, reading this speech out to the entire camp, in your last moments as a camper. This community has stuck by me, whether I’m crying and complaining to all of my counselors about the stupidest things, or screaming at 8 in the morning for morning stretch. At this camp, I’ve never felt the need to be or act like someone else because I know at the end of the day, this is my home. Thank you.