Thank you, Sam!

6 Points Spotlights

It feels like a lifetime ago that we shared the URJ system-wide decision not to run in-person programming at camp this summer.  What followed that announcement gave us such strength as we heard from so many of the members of our community, campers, parents, coaches, staff and faculty.  While nothing can truly replace the magic of 6 Points, we are grateful for all of the support shown to us over the last 8 weeks.

And yet, another heart-breaking consequence of the challenging times in which we find ourselves is the elimination of several positions across the URJ, including that of one of our Assistant Directors, Sam Shabsin, after June 30.  

Sam began as a camper at 6 Points during our inaugural summer in 2010. Sam’s enthusiasm for camp grew each summer just as his baseball skills improved, and he transitioned from camper to CIT to counselor to leadership team member all the way to being a valued member of our year-round professional staff as an assistant director of camp.

Sam’s ability to be a team player, hold strong and meaningful relationships with members of our community and his love of 6 Points Sports Academy can be felt everywhere – from his home to our offices to the baseball field at camp. Sam’s kindness and smile has helped so many young Jewish athletes feel comfortable at camp, and his impact at 6 Points simply cannot be minimized.

On behalf of our entire community we want to thank Sam for showing us all what it is like to be a true 6 Pointer. #ThankYouSam

Sam wanted to share the following words:

Thank you, 6 Points.

Recently, I have been able to clearly reflect on all of my time that I have spent at 6 Points. Eleven summers ago, I was a young, nervous Jerusalem Jaguar who had no idea the impact that a brand new camp would have on him.  Today, I can say that 6 Points has taught and given me more than I could ever imagine.  I am so grateful for everything that 6 Points Sports Academy has given me. 

Thank you for the supportive counselors I had when I was a young Jaguar and Thunderbird who showed me the importance of selflessness.  Thank you to my campers who showed me the importance of kindness and growth.  

Thank you to my coaches for believing in me and showing me what hard work can really accomplish.  Thank you to all of my dorm-mates for showing laughing with me all summer.  Thank you to all of the staff members and faculty that I have been fortunate enough to spend my summers with.  Thank you, Danny, for believing in me and being an enormous role model in my life.  Thank you to my best friends for, well… being the best.  There are so many more things that I could say about all of these people and so many more, but I don’t have words that truly express the love that I have for the 6 Points Community.

Danny Herz, Hannah Ross, Nina Goodhue, Sam Shabsin of 6 Points Sports AcademyAlthough my time as an Assistant Director is coming to an end, 6 Points will always be part of me. I look forward to beginning my master’s degree in Social Work at Indiana University in Indianapolis this fall. 

If you wish to contact me after June 30, feel free to reach out to my personal email:

During these past 11 years, I feel that I have grown tremendously, and I can say for certain that 6 Points has made me who I am today. And for that, thank you.