What to Expect for Your First Summer at 6 Points Sports Academy:
A Guide to Camp for New Parents and Campers

Welcome to the 6 Points Sports Academy team! Sending your child to camp for the first time is an exciting experience that can also bring up many questions. This page is to help you and your child prepare for their first summer with us at camp and get excited for all that is to come!

Can my child bring a friend?

Absolutely! 6 Points Sports Academy is a great place to come with your current friends and teammates. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and make friends with other Jewish athletes! Each camper may submit roommate requests and we will do our best to honor mutual preferences.

Who will be training and coaching my child?

softballWe have an all-star professional head coaching and counselor team that will ensure that your child has the best summer camp experience ever! Our staff is carefully screened and selected by our camp directors, bringing with them a deep connection to their Jewish identity, a passion for sports in general, and personal experience playing sports at the Varsity or Collegiate level.

As Jewish athletes themselves, our dorm counselors are college students or graduates who bring warmth, kindness, compassion and enthusiasm to the 6 Points community. Many of our staff attended Jewish summer camp in addition to sports camps and grew comfortable and familiar with camp routines and traditions. We even have Israelis who come to be counselors as well to help bring Israeli culture to camp!

Our Head Coaches bring years of professional coaching experience at the elite club, high school and collegiate level offering your child individualized, high-level instruction in their major sport and teaching life lessons that will serve them on and off the field!

What if I’m not sure I can afford camp?

We believe that every child who wants to go to camp should have the chance to do so. There are several ways to receive funding if you need assistance. If your child has never been to Jewish sleep away camp before, they are eligible for a grant of up to $1000 from the Foundation for Jewish Camp right off the top! It is also a good idea to check with your local congregation about scholarships they might have or know of for kids to attend camp. 6 Points Sports has a limited scholarship budget to help cover any last bits to help get children to camp. View more information about our financial aid.

What if my family isn’t very involved in Jewish life?

11710032_10153047812742993_746112022056663570_oCampers come to us from a variety of Jewish backgrounds. Some children come from families who are very involved in their synagogues attending Shabbat services regularly, and some do not. Some children attend Jewish Day Schools, and some attend Religious School only once a month or not at all if their families are unaffiliated.! We help our campers learn what they don’t know, and embrace what they do know. Living in an immersive Jewish community offers all of our campers the opportunity to strengthen their Jewish identities while learning more about Judaism.
6 Points Sports is a welcoming community for interfaith families who have made Jewish choices for their children, including Jewish overnight camp. We welcome children from a variety of backgrounds and family makeups, and know they will quickly mesh into one community.

What do I pack?

You will receive a packing list of necessary clothes and gear to pack for the summer in the Parent Handbook after you register. Here are some tips beyond the essentials

  • Things to decorate your dorm (banners and posters of your favorite sports teams, photos of friends and family, etc.)
  • Cards or games to play with your friends in the dorms during down time
  • Pre-addressed and stamped envelopes and paper to send letters to family and friends
  • Blue and yellow shirts and accessories to wear for Maccabiah!

How can I support my child?

Before camp

It is important to get ready for camp together. Spend time as a family talking about what your child is looking forward to, what they might be nervous about, what they are feeling and thinking. Watch the camp video together and go over the daily schedule so your child will get to have an idea of what it means to be a camper at 6 Points Sports Academy. The key is having good communication.

It is also helpful to eliminate the word “homesick” from the vocabulary. Kids do not actually get sick from missing their families, so the word “homesick” doesn’t actually make much sense. It is normal for campers to miss their families, whether it is their first, third, or tenth summer! Spending your first summer away from home can be difficult, especially when they come from a loving family. Sometimes campers have what we call a “temporary moments of sadness” when they miss their families. But as the name describes, this feeling is temporary. Campers are so busy playing their favorite sport and having a good time that the temporary sadness will pass. Refrain from telling your child that they can come home if they are not having fun as this will make the adjustment more difficult.

While at camp

Communicating with your child while they are at camp is very important. While we do not allow electronics, we encourage campers to practice the lost art of letter writing! This is a great way for you to hear about all the fun your child is having at camp and for you to send positive letters saying how excited you are to hear about your child’s camp experience.

Also, consider putting a letter in the mail before your child leaves for camp so they can receive it on the first or second day of camp.

Watch our video!

Our camp video gives you a taste of all the fun that takes place during the summer!

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Get your 6 Points Sports swag!

Each camper will receive two shirts while at camp during the summer! If you would like to purchase additional gear for your 6 Points camper, check out our online store!