We are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our Counselor In Training program for Summer 2020!

For application instructions, please scroll down to Program Specifics. Please note that the programs are slightly different between our North Carolina location and our California location. Contact each site individually for more specifics.

The Counselor-in-training (or CIT) program has the following goals:

  • To create opportunities for personal & professional growth
  • To provide hands on work experience in childcare and coaching
  • To offer a meaningful transition from “camper” to “staff member”
  • To provide opportunities to participate in Tikkun Olam (repairing the world)
  • To have a positive and rewarding summer, give back to the 6 Points community, and impact camp in a meaningful way


  • Training in counseling skills—CITs will participate in programming to develop counseling skills. Training is designed to support CITs as they transition from camper to staff member. Topics will include:
    • Homesickness
    • Camper inclusion
    • How to identify and prevent bullying
    • Development of camper listening skills
    • Health and safety
    • How to lead Jewish programming
    • Hands on counseling experience and opportunities to build relationships and serve as role models for younger campers (each CIT will be assigned to a dorm)
  • Training in coaching skills: CITs will learn to lesson plan for sport majors, run drills, and lead large group activities in sports majors. They will work hands-on with our counseling, coaching and senior staff, who will support and mentor them through this process.
  • Sports participation: CITs will receive coaching in their sport majors. Sport major time will transition from an emphasis on being coached to an emphasis on coaching others.
  • Traditions: Participants will get the chance to be a part of creating traditions and rituals that will impact the culture of our camp for many years to come. They will have the opportunity to help with the facilitation of Maccabiah games, lead a Shabbat service, and work on a unique project that will become a part of 6 Points history.
  • Off site trips: Each intersession, CITs will have the opportunity to travel offsite as a group. Additionally, ocassional mid-session outings will be provided including movies, sporting events, frozen yogurt, etc.
  • Social Activities: Many times throughout the summer, CITs will participate in social activities (free time, open gym, evening programs, etc.)
  • Tikkun Olam: CITs will participate in a Tikkun Olam project.

Program Specifics

North Carolina Program Dates: Tuesday, June 16 - Sunday, July 12, 2020. (All CITs are required to participate in the entire program weeks 1-4.)
Optional Session 3 add-on Sunday, July 12 - Sunday, July 26.

North Carolina Tuition: $3,300. Price includes room and board, training, and all outside trips and activities.
Weeks 5 & 6 add on for $1650.

California Program Dates:
Session 1: Sunday, June 14 - Sunday, June 28
Session 2: Sunday, June 28-Sunday, July 12
Session 3: Sunday, July 12-Sunday, July 26

California Tuition: $1,750 per session. Price includes room and board, training, and all outside trips and activities.

California CIT Stipend: CITs can earn a stipend upon successful completion of one ($150) or two ($325) sessions or the full summer ($500). We strongly encourage CITs who are interested in working at camp in the future to participate in multiple sessions.

Eligibility: Participants must be entering their final year of high school in the fall of 2020.

Applications: Interested individuals are required to submit a CIT application, two personal references and go through an interview and screening process. Once approved, applicants will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

North Carolina:
Take me to the application!
Take me to the reference form!

Take me to the application!
Take me to the reference form!

In addition to completing the above application, CIT applicants must also register for camp through CampInTouch. CITs and their parents can register by visiting our registration page.


California: Sunday, March 1, 2020
North Carolina: Sunday, March 1, 2020

Questions/Moving forward: If you have any questions about the California CIT program or application process, please email Rachel Slaton at rslaton@urj.org or call (310)-912-7335. If you have any questions about the North Carolina CIT program or the application process, please email Jillian Baach at jbaach@urj.org or call (561) 208-1650. 

We hope you will join our team!