Connect with 6 Points Sports Academy
We believe that in order to maintain our strong community, 6 Points Sports Academy must listen to and work in collaboration with temples, organizations, and families; we don’t want our presence in the community to be limited to our promotional video and brochures. We want to be an active participator in community events and activities. Regardless of your previous level of 6 Points Sports collaboration, we want to work with you to build a stronger camp culture, share our expertise, and work toward getting every child to summer camp.

11181700_10153010958307993_96533632599451642_nFamilies make decisions based on many factors when it comes to their children, and when "camp" can be inserted into the community’s dialogue about their children’s’ development we feel there is as a rich opportunity for education. Even if families do not choose 6 Points Sports Academy, we value the opportunity to help inform their views of the options and the understandable barriers that may stand in their way of selecting a Jewish summer camp experience. We are always happy to answer any questions about financial assistance and value, our sports-based specialty program, supervision and accommodations, or anything else that you would like to know. The best way to reach us is over the phone at 561-208-1650 (North Carolina) or 310-912-7335 (California) or via email at

Parent Meetings, Camp Info Sessions & Parlor Meetings
Creating a more intimate gathering of parents (and their children, when appropriate) is always a great chance to address the real concerns and questions that families have about camp. These meetings and information sessions can be catered to your specific needs and community, and a small gathering is still very much worth our time. We will help recruit, connect, promote, present and follow-up on these meetings and can make recommendations on what types of sessions might work best for your congregational community. We can be very flexible with scheduling in order to accommodate your specific needs.

We have found parlor meetings to be the most useful tool for engaging interested families. They provide the attention that many parents desire when figuring out if camp is right for their child. We usually schedule parlor meetings around congregation visits to offer the opportunity for interested parents to talk with us and ask specific questions directly after seeing a more general presentation. However, even in the absence of a congregational visit we would love to discuss ways to run a parlor meeting in your town.

Camp info sessions are another useful tool. As a national camp, we have worked with regional camps to provide options and information to work toward our goal: that every child interested in camp is able to attend a camp lead by the Reform Movement. To that end, we have worked with and maintain positive relations to regional camps and attend many joint camp informational sessions.

We have staff who can assist in organizing and running camp and sports themed programming. We have experience leading groups both large and small; we have also worked with religious school classes and youth groups. We would be more than happy to work with you in whatever capacity suits your congregation best.

Scholarship & Financial Assistance
Our professional and lay leaders at 6 Points Sports Academy are committed to making a URJ camp experience affordable for any family, regardless of the real financial barriers that may exist from year to year. We work closely with congregations, federations, and other Jewish organizations to find funds for every camper that needs them. We also have a scholarship fund that we use to make up the difference between the amount raised through outside sources and a family’s ability to pay. For information about California's Financial aid visit the California financial assistance page or 310-912-7335 or for North California visit the North Carolina financial assistance page or contact us at at 561-208-1650 with any questions you might still have.

Promotional Materials
Please email us at if you want any camp-related materials, including flyers, brochures, logos and graphics. Although we’d always rather meet in person, we are very happy to give you any resources you need! Information including our dates, rates, programs, and more can be found on our website.