The Academy Track

Athletes entering 3rd-11th grade in The Academy Track select their favorite sport to major in for a full session, spending 4-5 hours per day training in that sport! During this training time, our athletes develop mentally, physically, and technically through drills, friendly competitions, and game-like situations. All majors are divided based on age and ability, enabling our coaches to provide differentiated instruction on individual, small group and full-team levels. At the end of each session, all athletes receive a personal evaluation from their Head Coach with feedback on strengths, areas for improvement and practical guidance that can be taken back to school or club teams.

During our two-week sessions*, each camper chooses one of the following as their primary sport: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis or Volleyball.

Baseball: Athletes receive individualized hitting and fielding instruction and participate in drills, scrimmages and strategy sessions.  

Basketball: Campers develop shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defense, through focused, intensive training.

Soccer: Players learn to create more goal-scoring opportunities while improving ball handling, footwork, and speed. Goalkeeping training is also available.

Swimming: Competitive swim training focuses on strength, flexibility, and endurance. Swimmers will develop the right feel for the water and correct motor skills, core strength, explosive power, and flexibility.

Tennis: Drills and game situations taught by USPTA certified professionals are used to improve player skills and strategies.

Volleyball: Athletes will train on the court and the sand, emphasizing ball-control, vertical leap, arm-swing speed and shoulder strength, court-awareness, serving technique and consistency, and all-around skill development.


*Offerings may vary each session.

All-Around Sports Track: 3rd-6th Grade

For our youngest athletes entering 3rd-6th grade, our NEW All-Around Sports Track offers access and training with our professional coaches and the opportunity to experience ALL of our sport majors throughout the 12-day session. All-Around Sports is perfect for the young athlete who wants try a variety of sports and get a taste of our Academy Track training.

In addition to sports like flag football, ultimate frisbee, and team handball, All-Around campers will experience high-level coaching in each of the following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis or Volleyball.

Every camper will also get to select from a variety of chuggim (daily electives)!

Daily Electives

Along with their sport's major, everyday campers also participate in electives. Electives are an opportunity to work on another sport, try something new, or play with friends, not in the same sports major. New electives are offered and chosen every couple of  days and may include:

Flag Football, Strength & Conditioning, Kickball

Wiffleball, Tennis, Basketball

Mini Soccer, Running Club, Yoga

Free Swim, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball

Spikeball, Soccer-Tennis, Rugby

IDF Boot Camp, Zumba, And more!