Sports Majors

Instruction in Sports Majors weaves skill-building, strategy and conditioning into fun games and drills so that athletes develop in the context of friendly competition and game-like situations. All sports majors are divided into groups based on age and ability, enabling our coaches to provide differentiated instruction on an individual, small group and full-team level. At the end of each session, all athletes receive a personal evaluation from their Head Coach with feedback on strengths, areas for improvement and practical guidance that can be taken back to school or club teams.

During our two-week sessions*, each camper chooses one of the following as their primary sport:

▲ Los Angeles, California           ■ Greensboro, North Carolina          

Baseball ▲ ■
Athletes receive individualized hitting and fielding instruction and participate in drills, scrimmages and strategy sessions. 

Basketball ▲ ■
Campers develop shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defense, through focused, intensive training.

Soccer▲ ■
Players learn to create more goal-scoring opportunities while improving ball handling, footwork and speed. Goalkeeping training is also available. 

Tennis ▲ ■
Drills and game situations taught by USPTA certified professionals are used to improve player skills and strategies. 

Cheerleading & Dance▲ ■
Diverse and trend-setting instruction that challenges girls to reach their maximum performing potential. Campers receive personalized and specialized instruction accentuating technique, precision, and style. Campers will learn cheers, chants and dance routines focused in hip- hop, jazz and funk.

Lacrosse** ■
Technical training focuses on stick handling, cradling, passing, catching and well as daily speed, conditioning and fitness sessions.

Softball ■
Athletes receive individualized hitting and fielding instruction and participate in drills, scrimmages and strategy sessions. 

Swimming ▲■
Competitive swim training focuses on strength, flexibility and endurance. Swimmers will develop the right feel for the water and correct motor skills, core strength, explosive power and flexibility.

*Offerings may vary each session. Cheer/Dance & Swimming Majors are offered during 1st Session ONLY in California but during all three session in North Carolina for Summer 2017.

** Due to the contact nature of lacrosse and the equipment differences for boys & girls, there are separate sessions for boys and girls lacrosse.

Sports Electives

Along with their sport major, each week* campers choose two of the following:

  • Flag Football
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Kickball
  • Wiffleball
  • Mini Soccer
  • Music
  • Running Club
  • Yoga
  • Free Swim
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • IDF Boot Camp
  • Zumba
  • And more!

*Offerings may vary each week.

A Typical Day

7:30 am               Wake Up & Dorm Clean-Up
8:15                      Morning Circle/Sports Update
8:30                     Breakfast
9:00                     SportsCenter Value of the Day
9:30                     Sport Majors
12:15 pm            Lunch / Song Session
1:00                     Rest Hour
2:00                     Elective 1
3:30                     Snack
4:00                     Elective 2
5:15                      Free Time in Dorms
6:00                     Dinner
6:45                      Sport Majors
8:30                     Closing Circle
8:45                     Return to Dorms & Shower Time
9:30                     Lights Out Program
10:00                   Lights Out (varies by age)

Our Camp Staff

Our cadre of professional and passionate coaches are the backbone of 6 Points Sports Academy.  Each one of our Head Coaches has experience coaching at the elite club, high school Varsity or collegiate level, bringing with them a deep knowledge of youth sports and athlete development. In addition, all counselors are Jewish college athletes, Israeli athletes or high school graduates hired in a dual role as Assistant Coaches attached to a sports major. Our coaching team consists of inspiring, dedicated leaders who also serve as Jewish role models, building relationships with campers on and off the field.

All programs and facilities are located on the campus of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, USA.