A lot has been written about the incredible power of Jewish Camp. (Camp Works: The Long-term Impact of Jewish Overnight Camp.) A summer at URJ 6 Points Sports is an amazing experience, one that has lifelong benefits for the child, and meaningful reverberations that positively impact families, congregations & communities. We are committed to helping every family make the gift of camp possible! Here are some ways to help make camp more affordable:


  1. For new campers, there are first-time camper incentives available that are NOT need-based. No matter where you live, this grant of $700-$1000 is available to all first-time campers! Campers who attend a Jewish day school are now eligible for the grant, too. In order to apply for the One Happy Camper grant, you must first register for camp. **If you live in Orange County, CA, please apply here after you have registered for camp.
  2. Each region around the country is filled with campership partners that value the camp experience and want to make sure families who want to send their kids to camp get the support they need and deserve. Many are listed here.
  3. The 6 Points Sports Academy Scholarship Fund is available to both cover the campership shortfalls from our partners, and to provide that extra help some families need. You must be registered for camp in order to access the Scholarship Application.

At 6 Points Sports, we truly believe that a summer spent at camp – and, ideally, multiple summers – changes the lives of children for the better. There is no more impactful setting communally, educationally, Jewishly, personally, socially, & spiritually, than camp. It’s more than okay to ask for scholarship assistance – it’s the right thing, and one of the best things, a family can do for their child.

Please call the camp office at 310-912-7335 so that we can work with you!