Got Questions? We are delighted that you are considering a summer camp experience at 6 Points Sports in Los Angeles. Below are answers to many commonly asked questions. If you would like any additional information please email or call our office. We also have a helpful guide for first time parents and prospective parents.

Where is URJ 6 Points Sports Academy California?
We are proud to offer our athletes state-of-the-art athletic facilities, comfortable air-conditioned residential halls, delicious college dining hall food and beautiful surroundings. Our location for Summer 2020 will be announced soon but rest assured, this summer will be bigger and better than ever!

How long are the camp sessions?
There are three 12-day sessions which begin on a Tuesday and end on a Sunday. Campers may register for multiple sessions with an option to add an Intersession program.

Where will my child live? How are dorm assignments made?
Campers live in state-of-the-art dormitories. Each camper will share a room with 1-2 other campers. Dorm rooms are equipped with beds,  desks, dressers, and closets. Campers on each floor share a large, modern restroom and shower facility which are professionally cleaned five times a week. Counselors live in the dormitories on the same floor as campers and Head Coaches, nurses, athletic trainer and other leadership team staff live in the same dorm building. Dorm assignments are made on the basis of secular school grade and/or chronological age, and social and emotional maturity of each camper.

Can my child request to be with their best friend?
You may request up to two placement requests per camper. All placement requests must be submitted in writing through the roommate request on-line form. We do our very best to place your child with at least one of his/her requests but roommate requests are not guaranteed.

How’s the food?
Our menu is designed for young athletes; we serve well balanced, nutritious food that is also kid-friendly and tastes good! Meals are served cafeteria-style in a college dining hall, with all campers eating together. Breakfast includes a hot item and cereal, a protein, juice, milk and fruit. Lunch and dinner always include multiple hot entrée options. A salad bar and fresh fruit is available at all times. Vegetarian and vegan options are always available. We make accommodations for campers on special allergy or health-related diets. Afternoon snacks are served daily and campers enjoy an evening snack at the end of the day.

How do you select, train and supervise your staff? What is the staff-to-camper ratio?
At 6 Points Sports, a great deal of pride is taken in the members of its staff, who provide a stable and caring home for campers all summer long. Our staff is comprised of college students and professional high school- and college-level coaches. We look for competent and energetic young adults to fill our staff positions and model our core values in the bunks and on the athletic fields. An extensive training program is provided at the start of the summer season and is ongoing throughout the summer. During the summer, staff are supervised and evaluated by members of our camp leadership team, all of whom have proven experience overseeing the work of staff members. We maintain a 1:5 staff-to-camper ratio at both our Southern California and Greensboro locations.

Will my child be safe while at camp?
All of the URJ Camps are dedicated to providing safe and secure environments for our campers and staff. We work in lock-step with campus security which is on patrol 24/7. We conduct regular safety and security reviews and evaluations, conduct in-depth training with all camp staff prior to each summer, and work closely with local law enforcement officials to make sure our safety standards and practices are the best they can be. The health and welfare of our community will always be our top concern.

What should I pack for my child?
Clothes for camp should be durable, inexpensive, and informal. Warm weather clothing is essential – weather in Los Angeles is dry and warm. The only time campers “dress up” (wearing white) is on Shabbat. Our Parent Handbook includes a suggested packing list. DO NOT pack items that carry sentimental value as items do get lost. Campers should bring appropriate equipment for their sports. Be sure EVERYTHING has a name on it.

How will my child’s laundry get done?
Our laundry service will pick-up, wash, fold and return each camper’s laundry once per session (and an additional service for Intersession campers). Campers should have enough clothing with them to last at least seven days. Campers should come to camp with a labeled personal laundry bag and all clothing should be properly labeled with the camper’s name.

How will my child get to and from camp?
6 Points Sports will provide ground transportation and appropriate supervision from/to Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR) or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  Alternatively, you may drive your child to camp. Bringing or picking up your camper provides an opportunity to see the Camp, meet the Director and staff, and help your child settle in. Flight recommendations will be sent in the winter with detailed travel information to follow.

How will I stay in touch with my child?
Camp offers kids and parents the chance to develop a rarely practiced skill – letter writing. We strongly recommend that parents write to their campers multiple times a week, even if a response is not received (campers are very busy!). A postcard, letter, or eletter, arriving regularly, does more for camper morale than anything else. Campers may not have cell phones or other electronics at camp. Additionally parents can stay in touch through their CampInTouch account to view photos, send and receive letters. Once each day, except for Shabbat, we deliver eletters to campers and e-mail responses back to parents. Parents cannot call their child at camp but should know that the camp administration will be in touch should any concern arise.

Can I visit my child while they are at camp?
While parents and other family members are welcome and encouraged to bring campers to camp and to pick them up at the end of the session, parents and other visitors are not allowed to come to camp during the Camp sessions.

Can my child leave camp?
Campers cannot leave camp at any time without the permission of the Camp Director. Arrangements are made at the discretion of the Director for special circumstances. Between sessions, campers not registered for Intersession may leave camp.

Can I send packages?
Over the past few summers we have seen immense amounts of packaging waste and a significant amount of package contents being left behind after camp. We no longer allow campers to receive packages at camp. Exceptions will be made in the case of equipment or clothing needs.

What if my child’s birthday occurs during camp?
Birthdays during the Camp session will be celebrated! This observance is not only a treat for the camper, but a lot of fun for everyone. Please do not send food of any kind for your child’s birthday. Your child will be able to call home the evening of the birthday.

Will my child need money at camp?
No. Nothing is sold at camp and we strongly discourage money be brought to camp. Camp takes no responsibility for money that is lost or stolen at camp.

What happens if my child gets sick while at camp?
It is our hope that every camper will remain healthy and fully able to participate in all aspects of camp life all summer long. Just in case, though, 6 Points Sports Academy has a range of systems in place to manage health care issues that may arise. The Camp’s modern, well-equipped infirmary is staffed by medical a professionals all summer long. We supervise the dispensing of medication four times a day. A complete Medical Form with comprehensive information will be all we need to take great care of your child while at camp.

How can I best prepare my child for their first camp experience?
If your child is a first time camper it is important to be prepared for the camp experience. Be sure to talk to your child about camp and discuss any concerns he/she may have. Tell them how excited you are for them to attend camp and how wonderful of an experience they will have. Refrain from using language that implies that you will have a hard time without them at home. Keep all conversations positive and how excited you are for them. Feel free to contact the camp if there are issues you would like to discuss further with us.

What should I NOT send with my child to camp?
Food and candy, expensive clothing, and items that are valuable or sentimental are all best left at home. Hotpots, kettles, electric appliances, Echo/Google Home devices, cell phones, tablets, computers, TVs, DVD/Video players, candles, matches, and knives are all strictly forbidden at camp and will be confiscated. IPods, PSPs, expensive cameras, and all other electronic devices should be left at home as well. For a more complete list, please refer to the Parent Handbook.

Will my child need lots of special equipment from home?
During the course of the session, your child will have many opportunities to learn or develop new skills. Aside from each camper’s sport major, the camp supplies the necessary equipment and supplies to participate in sport electives and other camp activities. In particular instances where your child is seeking mastery of an activity, he/she may desire his/her own special equipment; be selective, and remember that the Camp is not responsible for loss or damage of personal items.

Does my child need to be immunized?
Yes, the Union for Reform Judaism requires that all camp and travel program participants, staff and faculty must be immunized. For more information, read the URJ Policy Statement on Vaccine Status.