Apply for Financial Assistance

Dear 6 Points Sports Family:

Thank you for your interest in the URJ 6 Points Sports Financial Assistance Program! The goal of this program is to ensure that, to the extent possible, any child is able to experience a session with us at camp. All of our camperships are awarded based on financial need. Please note that if your camper has NEVER attended a Jewish overnight camp before you are eligible for additional grant funding ($700-$1000), regardless of need, through One Happy Camper. You must apply for this separately. 

Our goal at URJ 6 Points Sports Academy is to help all families in need and we receive many requests for scholarship. As a new summer camp, our funds available for campership are limited. The amount of aid awarded to each eligible camper will be based on the number of applicants, level of need and, of course, overall funds available. We view your synagogue and other community organizations as an important part of the campership process and view them as partners in providing the summer camp experience.

For those applicants whom are not members of a congregation, we ask that you research other Jewish organizations, such as Jewish Family Service, as part of the application process.

Please note the following:

  1. We only review and process complete financial assistance applications for campers who are currently enrolled to attend camp. Your child must be registered in order for us to review and process your scholarship application. The Camp Financial Aid Application is an online form available within the Forms sections your CampInTouch account. Once you are registered for camp, you will have access to the application.
  2. If you are a member of a congregation, you should know that many provide funds for camp attendance and we will MATCH those funds up to $250 per camper! Please meet with a representative from your congregation (clergy, educator, or administrator) and have them complete the Temple/Community Contribution Form. Regardless of your congregation’s ability to provide scholarship, this signed form must accompany your application. If you are NOT a member of any congregation, please let us know as much in your Financial Aid application.
  3. The deadline for electronic receipt of completed applications is Wednesday, March 1, 2018. Once the application process has closed, all applications for scholarship will be considered and you will be notified by March 15th regarding funds awarded. If you are having trouble uploading these documents, you can scan and email them to After the initial scholarship application process is complete, requests for scholarship will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Following the initial scholarship application submission deadline and allocations, funds are only granted as they are available, and the majority of scholarship funds will be allocated after the initial March 1st deadline.
  4. Scholarship assistance is provided as a credit on camp fees and you will receive an email confirmation indicating the amount awarded, for your records.

If you have any questions regarding our financial assistance process, please call our offices to speak with Director, Brian Mitchell at 310-912-7335 or email  

Financial Assistance Planner

If your intention is to send your child to 6 Points Sports, register them NOW. Don’t wait until you hear about camperships - we are able to set up payment plans, if needed, that are right for your family and will credit your account once a campership is received. Please note that a deposit is required for registration.
If your child will be attending 6 Points Sports for the first time, you may be eligible to receive an incentive grant through theohc Foundation for Jewish Camp's One Happy Camper (OHC) program to help make your first summer more affordable. Incentives are available nationwide, with various conditions & amounts. Please contact our California Office at 310-912-7335 for more information and visit the One Happy Camper website for details.  Note that the 2018 Application for OHC will be available starting October 16, 2017 at
We expect families to help pay for camp. A payment from you says a great deal about your commitment to the camp experience, and weighs heavily in your favor. Make plans to pay something and begin making regular payments immediately.
Most congregations have scholarship & discretionary funds available to help send children to 6 Points Sports. Contact your Rabbi, Cantor, Educator, Youth Professional and/or Congregational President. They will inform you of the congregation’s application requirements. These funds, however, are not unlimited and the earlier you make your request, the better!

Many community-based Jewish organizations have camp scholarship programs. Contact your local or regional Jewish Federation, Jewish Welfare Fund, or other Jewish family-servicing organization to find out about availability. If you are a member of a synagogue, please download and complete the Congregation/Community Campership Contribution Form

Every member of a child’s support network – grandparents, aunts & uncles, close family friends – stands to benefit when a child has a transformative experience at Camp. That is why they are often so willing to support a child in their family attending camp. Be willing to ask!
After you have exhausted all available financial resources, families who still need additional funding should complete the on-line 6 Points Sports Camper Application - which asks for contact information, financial information, and a report on how you did in acquiring campership dollars from others. Application deadline is March 1st and recipients will be notified of awards starting March 15th. Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a rolling basis but we high recommend you enroll and complete the application as soon as possible since funds are limited. In order to apply for a 6 Points Sports Campership, your camper must already be enrolled at camp.