Blog  Next year, I’m going for 4 weeks!

Next year, I’m going for 4 weeks!

by Maggie S., 3rd Year 6ixer

The first thing I said to my parents when they picked me up at the airport after Session 2 of 6 Points this year was, “next year, I am going for 4 weeks!” While we are still negotiating that one, I have lots of great reasons why the more time at 6 Points, the better. When I came to camp my first year, I was pretty nervous because I didn’t know anyone except my 10 year old cousin Jeremy. Within hours, however, I had already made friends with all the girls in my cabin. This year I got to reunite with some of those old friends and also meet new ones, and I’m already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.

I have been going to 6 Points for two years. Camp is definitely one of my favorite parts of the year. One reason why I love it so much is because all of the girls (and boys) that go to the camp. As someone who loves sports, it is a great feeling to be surrounded by kids like me.

Everyone is so inclusive, welcoming, and fun to be around.

Another reason why I love 6 Points is because I improve my game so much while I am there. I play soccer, but I hear the same things from my friends who major in baseball, basketball, swimming and tennis at The 6. The coaches are supportive and always pushing us to do our very best, but they also know how to mix intensity with fun at the same time. In addition to improving your physical game for your sport, they also try to improve your mental mindset by mixing in values to motivate you.  This year’s main theme was Kaizen which means constant improvement, and that complimented our six core values of leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, growth, pride and intention.

As a female athlete, I appreciate that there are many awesome women coaches and leaders to look up to. This is very important to me because I can relate to them and count on them in a unique way.  There are lots of opportunities for girls at every level to be recognized for their hard work and their achievements, and everyone leaves feeling proud.

Lastly, this might be hard to believe, but I didn’t even think about my phone or social media the entire time I was at camp – it was actually one of my favorite things about it.

I hope more and more kids, especially girls, will join me at The 6  next summer – the more Jewish athletes, the better it will be!

See you at the 6!

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