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6 Points’ youngest Eidah at camp is the Jerusalem Lions, 3rd-5th graders who participate in a variety of sport majors, electives and other exciting camp activities! Take a look at what a typical day in the life of a Jerusalem Lion looks like!

7:30 am: Boker Tov! Lions wake up and dress out for sport majors, greeting their friends and counselors as they get ready to tackle the day.

8:15 am: Lions gather with the rest of camp at HaMakom (the spot) to sing Modeh Ani and hear the Sports Updates for the day.

9:45 am: After a hearty breakfast with our Eidah and SportsCenter value of the day, Lions head off to their sports majors for drills, skill practice and scrimmages.

12 pm: Lions refuel with a post-practice lunch with other athletes in their sports major and rehash the morning’s practice over a delicious meal, complete with all 5 colors to ensure we are ready to go for electives. After lunch, Lions reconvene for Shira and Rikud led by Lion counselor Jacob!

1:30 pm: Menucha! Rest hour for the Lions means playing cards, writing letters home and relaxing in the Bayit (dorm) before an exciting afternoon of electives.

2:45 pm: Lions are ready for their electives, where this week they’ll participate in 9-square, Spikeball, Mini-Soccer, IDF Boot camp and Soccer-Tennis. The two elective periods are separated by snack, where Lions discuss their first electives and share the highlights of the morning.

4:55 pm: Lions meet up again for Chofesh (free time) in the Bayit. They play cards, hang out in the lounge and bond with their roommates during their time off.

5:45 pm: Lions meet in the Chadar Ochel (dining hall) for dinner as an Eidah and prepare for evening sports majors.

6:45 pm: Lions head off to sports major practice to improve their skills and spend time with their teammates during evening practice. Many of the Lions are lucky enough to have several fellow Lions in their sports major.

8:45 pm: Lions meet up with the rest of camp at HaMakom for Siyum and to unwind before bed.

9:00 pm: Time for Lions to shower, eat snack and participate in a laila tov program to bond as an Eidah. Then it’s off to bed before another busy day at 6 Points!