Blog  The Importance of Shabbat for Jewish Athletes

The Importance of Shabbat for Jewish Athletes

Shabbat is a period set aside for us to look within, and be reminded of who we are, as Jewish athletes. Whether it’s work, or play, or sports, something is a little different on Shabbat.

In baseball, we can’t ask a pitcher to throw a ball 100+ miles per hour every single inning in every single game. So it is with Shabbat. We take a break from what we are doing so that we can reflect, and get back out on the field with a refreshed body and a renewed outlook.

Every week we have challenges. I watched our young athletes run and think and play their hearts out in games of ultimate. Were there disappointments? Sure. We drop passes, we throw it the wrong way or over our teammate’s head or into the hands of an opponent.

At the end of the sport, at the end of the week, we get to – as Coach Jeaney Garcia of the Positive Coaching Alliance says, “flush it.” We are still a family, a community, a team. We should be compassionate with ourselves, we deserve a break, and in turn, we care for others when they’ve had a rough go of it, because everybody hurts sometimes.

We don’t stop being who we are on Shabbat, nor in the offseason or during a timeout. We are given permission, or nudged, to re-evaluate and come at it from a different angle. Let’s be all in! Shabbat shalom!

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