Blog  Trust the Process: A Lesson from Parsha Chukat

Trust the Process: A Lesson from Parsha Chukat

As we enter into our 1st Shabbat of 1st Session, it is truly amazing to see the Kehillah (Community) that has already been created and strengthened at camp.  At our Opening Ceremony on the first night, we recognized and celebrated campers and staff who have been at camp either 1, 2 or 3 summers.  Everyone received their first values bracelet of the summer (Kehillah) at this ceremony, acknowledging that everyone is an integral part of this Kehillah Kedoshah (Holy Community).

This week’s Parsha (Torah Portion) is Chukat, meaning “Decree.”  In it, the Jews are near the end of their 40 years of wandering and have come very close to arriving at the Promised Land.  When they arrive, they have no water, and thirst for it.  G-d instructs Moses to talk to a rock and order it to yield water. Instead, Moses strikes the rock twice, and water comes forth.  G-d declares this action to demonstrate a lack of faith and forbids Moses from entering the Promised Land. Moses didn’t trust the process.

This is very similar to the instructions and lessons given and taught each day by our coaches to our athletes.  In our sport majors and practice sessions, our coaches are giving clear instructions toward skill building which will lead to success.  If an athlete decides not to follow these instructions exactly, while possibly achieving the same result, it might not have been the most efficient method.

Most of our athletes have experienced a variety of coaching styles throughout their young sports career. Learning from different coaches, in different environments, with different methods can give our athletes a multi-dimensional training experience. This in turn can help deepen their knowledge of their sport, build confidence and, in the end, make them more resilient athletes. That is why you’ll hear our coaches say, “Trust the process!”

At camp, we learn to trust and rely on our incredibly talented and experienced coaching staff, and know that their Chukat will help put our athletes on the path to being the best athlete they can be.

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