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Top 5 Items Campers Forget to Pack

With the first session of camp quickly approaching, you might be rushing to get last-minute packing done. During the final homestretch to get everything packed before the big day, you may forget to bring these very important items! Here are the top five items you won’t want to leave behind:

5) Water bottle

We here at 6 Points are a sports camp, meaning two things: it’s hot outside and campers will be active! Constant access to water is a must, and our counselors and coaches work hard to make sure each child stays hydrated throughout their daily activities. When everyone remembers to bring their own water bottle, hydration becomes easier and more fun for each of our campers!

4) Rain Jacket

North Carolina summer weather can be surprising to those who aren’t familiar with it. Here, the weather can change from gorgeous and sunny to rainy and then back to sunny again within the span of an hour. Because of that, campers will be happy if they remember to bring along a rain coat when a summer shower makes an appearance.

3) Sunscreen/Hat/Sunglasses

As already mentioned, 6 Points is a SUMMER SPORTS camp! Campers will enjoy plenty time outdoors on American Hebrew Academy’s lush, beautifully-maintained campus. While they’re outdoors, though, they’re bound to encounter the sun’s UV rays. The triple threat of sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, though, is an effective guard from any potential sun damage.

2) Bathing suit

Even for campers who aren’t swimming majors, there will be ample opportunities to make use of the campus’s Olympic-style pool during elective periods. A baseball or a basketball major might not remember a bathing suit when they’re packing for their sports major, but they’ll definitely appreciate it during their electives!

1) White, blue, and yellow shirts

During each session, 6 Points will hold Maccabiah—or “Color War”—where campers will compete in various challenges while being assigned either to the blue team or the gold team. Those on the blue team wear blue and those on the gold wear yellow. Since campers won’t know their team beforehand, campers should remember to bring both a blue and a yellow shirt. In addition to blue and yellow shirts for Maccabiah, campers also wear white on Shabbat. Other than those blue, white, and yellow shirts, campers should feel free to bring the outfits that will help them succeed at 6 Points Sports Academy.

With the items listed above, campers will come to camp prepared to have an amazing experience!

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