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Camp is Our Happy Place

Temple Beth Or in Raleigh, NC recently celebrated Jewish camping with a Camp Shabbat service in the sukkah! Below are three stories from current 6 Points campers about the importance of camp and a memory that impacted them. 

Lindsey, 10th Grade

I cannot speak on behalf of everyone but in my life, I know for a fact that 6 Points Sports Academy is the happiest place on earth. A few short months ago I began my second summer at camp and I can undoubtedly say it was the best summer of my life. When I go to camp everything changes. Days feel like weeks, friends and counselors feel like family and Greensboro, North Carolina feels like home. The second I enter the gates my worries fade away and I am just another Jewish athlete ready to learn, grow, and thrive. The community camp creates is truly like no other. Every summer we are given the opportunity to make long lasting friendships whether that is with a camper or counselor, staff member or rabbi. No matter how young or old. Camp has given me the opportunity to meet some of my best friends and make bonds with counselors that I know will last all my life. You can never fully understand the feeling of being surrounded by 250+ Jewish athletes from all across the country, until you experience it. The magic of 6 Points is indescribable, but if I had to describe camp in one word it would be, home.

Avery, 9th Grade

Being one of only a few Jewish people at my school, going to camp is a huge change. Where everyone there already has something in common, I felt a connection with people before I even talked to them. Everywhere you go at 6 Points you can find examples of community. From everyone doing morning stretches together, to saying birkat hamazon after meals, or participating in Shabbat services. You can find community in your sport majors, when working with your teammates, or just in your dorm when everyone is together. One of my favorite examples of community came after Maccabiah, or color wars. The camp had just been in an all-day event, that included cheers, a relay race, and competitions in your sport major. You might think that people would be too concerned with the outcome of Maccabiah for community to really be possible at this point, but this was not true at all. Only a few minutes after the winner was announced, the entire camp came together to sing the Sh’ma. Suddenly it didn’t matter what team you were on, it didn’t matter if you didn’t do so well in your section of the relay or if you forgot the words to the cheer. With everyone arm in arm, it was hard not to feel the sense of community.

Adam, 7th Grade

I’ve had the best time at 6 Points for four years – I’m so excited to get my  sweatshirt when I attend my fifth year this coming summer. The counselors are the best, and the food is very tasty, especially on cinnamon roll day and grilled cheese Thursday. I also really got better at my sports major, as I now have a much stronger shot in lacrosse. The best part, though, is that I made such good friends in my dorm and around camp. We had so so so much fun, especially the last night when most of the kids in the dorm came and slept in our room so we could stay up all night, even counselors. Now we all play in a fantasy football league together so we can stay in touch, and I’m inviting some of my camp friends to my bar mitzvah next year.

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