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6 Lessons for the Summer

On this final Shabbat of the summer, it is beautifully poetic that we are finishing the 4th book of the Torah, B’Midbar (Numbers), moving on to the next. This weekend we will read from the first chapter of D’varim (Deuteronomy) where Moses recounts all that has happened to the Israelites during the journey from slavery to freedom. He is reminding them of the great potential they have and how their past will help shape their future. Moses hopes that the Israelites will take what they have learned and go out into the world better people.

Like Moses, we want our campers to leave us having grown into more confident, kind and courageous Jews, athletes and human beings. Here are six lessons we hope our campers take home with them:

Leadership: A true leader reflects on everything that has happened to them, on all that they have learned, and with clear eyes and a full heart, steps out into the world to make a difference. A leader knows that they are stronger when surrounded with people who strive for excellence and hold each other accountable, while still being true to themselves.

Growth: We have a saying here at camp, “Dance with your lizard!” Your lizard is the part of your brain that tells you not to try something new because you are afraid how you might be perceived or afraid you’ll fail. At camp, we dance with our lizard when it comes out to play because it’s a sign that we have something new to learn!

Pride: At camp, pride is all positive and all about knowing who you are, where you come from and that each of us brings value to every moment. We help campers identify their strengths and area for improvement and that self-awareness plants the seed of positive pride.

Sportsmanship: At camp we celebrate the competitive spirit but we always keep in mind the reason why competition is so fun: it’s because we LOVE the sports we play and we respect those that love the game just as much as we do.

Teamwork: Each camper and staff member brings with them to camp a unique spark, a little piece of themselves that is essential to making our community shine as brightly as it does. Just as every member of a team – whether a starter, a bench player, a coach, an athletic trainer or the person who fills the water jugs – is vital to make the team as strong as it can be.

Intention: There is a saying that talks about the value of the journey being just as important as the destination.  That journey is paved with our intentions: the way we conduct ourselves, the values that we uphold in the face of adversity, and the beauty that we recognize in others and create ourselves. By living with intention, our other core values flow naturally.

Just as Moses recounted the journey of the Israelites – complete with road blocks, set-backs and miracles – over the next 48 hours we’ll celebrate the incredible memories and lessons learned with our young Jewish athletes so that when they start the next chapter of their lives this fall, they will remember all that they learned here at The 6.

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