Blog  Using a Growth Mindset to Achieve our Dreams

Using a Growth Mindset to Achieve our Dreams

We all have dreams, and for most of us, those dreams involve being perfect at whatever it is we may be doing. We need to make sure that we understand that there is no such thing as perfection because every single person makes mistakes every now and then. This should not discourage us from striving for perfection, but it should motivate us to keep working hard. This will enable us to develop a “growth” mindset, and to not stop working to be the best that we can be on the road to achieving our dreams. Whether that dream is to become a professional athlete, a doctor, a teacher, or even a garbage man, the growth value teaches us to keep working and to never be satisfied with how good we currently are. This doesn’t mean that we can’t be proud of the progress we have made or that we shouldn’t be happy with the achievements that we’ve accomplished along the way, in fact, it tells us to be happy but to also keep in mind that there will always be more work to do. If we slack on our work ethic, our growth will be hindered, allowing somebody else the chance to continue to work hard, and potentially become better than us.

Growth is one of my favorite values because even if I achieve any of the other values such as Leadership, Intention, Sportsmanship, Pride, or Teamwork, I am still encouraged to continue working and to always better myself. When we learn to always better ourselves, we continue to improve and continue to get closer to that perfection, even if we know it is unachievable.

Born and raised in Israel, Head Soccer Coach, Rafi, developed his passion for soccer; in America, after college, he developed his passion for coaching. Now he have been coaching for going on 10 years and over the past year he obtained his US Soccer National Level C License. In addition to that, he began coaching at the High School level and helps lead the Brentwood School (population 450) Girls Varsity to the Gold Coast League Championship, CIF Division 4 Finals, and CIF Southern Regional Finals in his 1st year there. Coach Rafi believes in using sports to develop yourself not just physically but mentally, as well as, using it as a tool to be a model citizen.

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