Blog  How Campers Learn to Take Pride in Their Jewish Heritage at 6 Points

How Campers Learn to Take Pride in Their Jewish Heritage at 6 Points

The 6 Points Sports Academy value that I most identify with is the word “pride.” I think it is important for our campers to develop a strong Jewish identity in their Jewish heritage, Jewish culture and Jewish faith. We have a proud and strong Jewish history.  Our people have accomplished a lot over the centuries. I work every day to teacher our campers to use the Jewish toughness and Jewish strength that they have as a constant source of inspiration to draw from as they live their lives. I believe that taking pride in your heritage, culture and faith inspires you to live a more Jewish life and to find your own unique Jewish identity that no one can ever take away from you. Taking pride in the type of person that you are and the type of player that you are makes one take ownership of everything they do. It helps them accept responsibility for their actions, both good and bad, and the effect that they can have on the world.  I work to help campers see the cause-and-effect of all of their choices, decisions and actions so that they are mindful of every choice they make.

Each day at camp, I work in little ways and big ways to teach my basketball players to take pride in themselves and to build their self-esteem. I want them to develop the ability to set goals. I challenge all my players to figure out to do their life –  what their dream in life is for what they want to be when they grow up. I tell them to start working backwards from their end goal to figure out what will be required of them in order to reach their goal. After that, we start by creating a step-by-step game-plan to achieve ultimate success. I call it the game-plan for life.

Every day we start our game plan for life by trying to gain the tools, the knowledge and the skills needed to help us reach that goal. We personalize it for each player in our clinics. I work to help reshape their focus on what will help them in their basketball career and on their Jewish journey through life. We show our pride when we understand how they approach each drill and each part of the game of basketball.

By teaching them to focus on the task at hand and to understand the big picture of what goals they have we are able to help them develop fundamentals that are necessary in order to achieve their big goal.

Six Points California is a great camp.  I am proud to work here and proud to have the opportunity to help shape young lives who will eventually shape our future.  I hope to inspire our young students to live a life in which they are proud of their traditions and of their people and one day, they will be able to inspire others to live a Jewish life and pass the torch to the next generation.

Ever since he was a kid, Coach Bobby dreamed of being a coach and I’ve worked hard to make that dream come true. I coached College Basketball for a long time and made great connections with players and fans. Coach Bobby is dedicated to developing young players both as players to helping them reach their goals to play in high school and earn college scholarships and also as people who learn to work hard to reach their goals and become leaders in our nation.

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