Blog  The Importance of Teaching Intention as a Head Coach

The Importance of Teaching Intention as a Head Coach

Working at 6 Points has been a valuable experience for me because of how important the 6 Core Values are to the overall coaching program. As a coach at 6 Points, I have been asked to include the values into my coaching and have been able to find meaningful ways to reward and encourage campers for their achievements on the field through the use of the value bracelets. These tokens of recognition seem to be more meaningful to the campers than the sort of verbal encouragement that I am used to and the campers use these bracelets as a way to recognize the accomplishments of the other players.

The value that I have stressed the most to the baseball players has been “Intention.” At camp, “Intention” is coupled with the Hebrew meaning behind the word, which is combined with Jewish values surrounding prayer and community. For me, the community of friends and the love that I have for the game are what I think of when I think of my own relationship with the sport. I have played baseball for most of my life, and some of my earliest memories are from playing baseball with my friends. These memories of fun times being with people I love are what I think about as I coach here at 6 Points.

Each day I ask my players why they play baseball. The reasons they give usually vary, but my asking them why they are here seems to motivate them to think about what it is they love most about the sport. For me, love is a powerful motivator, so I try to love all that I do. This is particularly true about playing baseball. Even though I am a pitcher, teaching other players how to hit, catch, throw, field and think about the mental aspects of the game is an exciting opportunity for me. Sharing my love of the game with these young players is a wonderful experience for me.

Anthony Naso is the Head Baseball Coach this summer at 6 Points Sports Academy California. He grew up in Amherst, OH (a suburb of Cleveland on Lake Erie). Baseball is his life. He studied Psychology and Business Administration while playing baseball at Slippery Rock University of PA. After graduation, he began coaching right away for Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. Coach Anthony then went on to play professionally in the Dutch MLB, in Doredrecht, Holland, the Netherlands. He most recently was the Pitching Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for Clarion University of PA.

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