Blog  Racing to Repair our World

Racing to Repair our World

Each session we run 3.2 miles for our on-campus 5K. This tradition started four years ago in North Carolina, and since then, we have been raising money for different charities by selling T- shirts to wear during the 5K. This year, 6 Points California has chosen to help the St. Joseph’s Center, an organization that helps people experiencing homelessness. Here at 6 Points, the staff focus on creating a home away for home. As campers, we find it special that this year our run will allow us to give back to those who are not fortunate enough to have a home while we have our real homes and camp home.

As Jews, we grow up hearing about the importance of Tikkun Olam, which means repairing the world. Leading up to the 5K, we pack bags full of smalls snack, toiletries, and other necessities for daily life. When we leave camp, we give these bags out to anyone that we see who may benefit from them. What makes the bags special is that we personalize them with handwritten notes that are intended to encourage and inspire the recipient of the bag.

After taking a poll of our peers, we found that most of us are excited and ready to run the 5K. Being able to make an impact, while still doing something fun is one of our favorite parts of the 5K. Baseball player, Emmett K., is excited to be helping others by doing the race and is not very concerned about the time it will take him to finish the run. On the run, our main focuses are doing our best, as well as representing those who do not currently have a place to live. However, we still complete this run as a community, which strengthens our connection to our camp home. For Stella S., a returning camper, the race is less about the time it takes to finish, and more about being there to see her peers pushing themselves and cheering each other on as they cross the finish line.

However, we cannot forget that we are athletes which means, for the most part, we are fiercely  competitive. As a result, this 5K gives us an opportunity to compete without completely being focused on ourselves. Basketball player, Tyler C., has set her goal to win the race as the first-place female athlete, but still recognizes that no matter what the outcome may be, the impact that the race has on the homeless community of Los Angles means that she will be a winner no matter where she finishes the race.

In the end, it does not matter if it is our first 5K like Sophie S., a basketball player, or our 200th. Here at 6 Points, we start and finish the race as a community, cheering on each and every camper and staff member as they cross the finish line, and that is what makes our 5K so special.

The Sports Journalism Elective is new to 6 Points CA this summer.  In the elective, campers learn about various methods of capturing and sharing the stories of what is happening on and off the field at camp. Thank you to Tyler C., Emmett K., Stella S., and Sophie S. for creating some great video and written blogs for us!

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