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Leading On and Off the Field

I was born to coach.  Coaching is a gift that comes naturally to me; a gift that my parents, as well as many others, saw in me in early childhood.  Along with the ability to coach, just as strong in me was a passion for impacting and investing in the lives of others.

I grew up poor.  I lived in a house a few streets beyond project housing.  The funny thing is, I was completely unaware of our financial hardships.  I had a bike, a basketball, and a soccer ball.  I had all that I needed.  Everyday I played outside; whether I wanted to or not.  My father was a coach and was known in the community for his intensity and obsession with sports.  Athletics had just as much precedent in our household as education, sometimes more after a tough game.

Athletes choose to play sports for a number of reasons.  I excelled on the field to compensate for my failures in the classroom. It was not that I did not care about school or want to succeed academically.  I have always been intrinsically motivated and highly competitive, with an exceptional work ethic. It was simply that no matter how many hours I spent memorizing index cards, staring at my math problems, or identifying parts of speech in English, I was, at best, a mediocre student.

On the weekends, my mother and father took my brothers and I down to the projects to play sports with the other children in the neighborhood.  My dad coached, and within his coaching, he included lessons on character and moral development, words of strength and encouragement, and messages of resilience.

I took those words to heart when I became a coach and Athletic Director.  I have given my life entirely to my student athletes and players.  What I love most about coaching is seeing a child succeed.  I want them to experience the emotion of accomplishment, rather than discouragement of failure.  I know the feeling of failure all too well.  I also know the role athletics played in building my own confidence, discipline, and character.

When I began coaching, I began changing lives.  I discovered that through my leadership on the field and court, I could break down barriers and model for my players the attributes of growth, intention, teamwork, sportsmanship, and pride.

Within my Athletic program, athletes begin training with the attitude “if I don’t make it, at least I tried, and I did my best.”  However, with abundant support, specific feedback, and individualized instruction,  they persevere through, not just making it, but succeeding.  Every training session is designed to prepare athletes for the big game.  Sometimes that big game is a soccer showcase, a basketball game, a tennis match, a swimming relay, or a baseball tournament, and sometimes that big game is life.


Coach Alli (6 Points CA – Athletic Director) is a multi-sport athlete, a fierce competitor, and a seasoned coach. Sports are her passion, and her passion is contagious. She has played and coached soccer, basketball, rugby, swimming, tennis, and volleyball. Her focus is on mechanics and fundamentals. She loves seeing our campers grow through that process each summer!

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