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How to Have the Cleanest Dorm at Camp

Dear Campers,

Shalom! Our names our Nik and Niki Nikayon and we LOVE to clean!! It is our job at camp to judge the dorms each day and see who has the cleanest room. We wanted to share some our favorite tips and tricks to having the cleanest dorms at camp:

  1. Beds – A beautifully made bed is our favorite thing to see when we first enter the room! Beds should have sheets and covers pulled up with pillows and stuffed animals neatly arranged.
  2. Floors – Shoes lined up, all trash makes its way to the garbage can / garbage bag.
  3. Desks – Your desk can easily get messy if not taken care of. Make sure you have it neat so you can always find your letters, and don’t forget to push in your chair!
  4. Dressers – The trick to a perfect score for your dresser is to have all of your clothes neatly folded so the drawers will close nicely and no clothes are hanging out.
  5. Closets – Make sure you have all of your towels hanging up, dirty clothes in your laundry bag, and close the closet door.
  6. WOW Factor! – This is your chance to earn up to 2 extra bonus points. This can be something related to your love of 6 Points, a note for us, or just a super clean and neat room! We love when you leave something fun for us to see that makes your room different from the rest!

Don’t forget, this is a competition and the Eidah (unit) with the cleanest rooms with the highest average score at the end of the week gets a special prize!  We will come by each day during Morning Sport Major to score the rooms and report the winners each day after lunch.

We are SO excited to see your clean rooms!



Nik and Niki Nikayon

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