Blog  5 Essentials You Need to “Pack” for Camp!

5 Essentials You Need to “Pack” for Camp!

In less than 24 hours, more than 250 of the most energetic, eager, and enthusiastic Jewish athletes are going to be taking their talents to sunny Greensboro and Los Angeles to join the ranks of coaches and counselors to have the summer of the lifetime. The nerves, the excitement, the expectations are all rising as past and future memories surround the start of 6 Points! The Leadership team is preparing to ensure a safe and special experience, so now it is your turn to get ready! The basketball shoes, the extra pair of twin XL sheets, the soap- these are all extremely important things to bring. However, to make sure that you are ready for the summer of a lifetime, consider “packing” these not so tangible, yet completely necessary, mentalities to start your journey as a developing Jewish athlete come this summer!

  1. A willingness to open up to others– This summer, you will meet some of your closest friends and role models. To make these meaningful connections, be open to and sharing your past experiences, hardships, and successes if you feel comfortable. Your camp friends will become the people you call when you get into college before your parents, the people you will fly thousands of miles to see during school vacation, the people you will come back to see each and every summer at 6 Points. Allow the opportunity for those late-night chats to really get to know your dorm-mates and your counselors. Ask questions that provoke more insightful answers to learn about other’s backgrounds. Explore your own Jewish background and develop it alongside your new best friends.
  2. A desire to improve in your athletic ability– 6 Points Sports Academy serves as a Jewish sports camp for athletes looking to feed their passion for their respective sport and to receive top-level sports coaching. Use this opportunity to connect with a coach, sharpen a skill, and gain the tools you need to become a better player and teammate. Your coaches are there to help you become the player you want to be, so get ready to work hard and have some fun! Give them your undivided attention while they help you to continue growing as a Jewish athlete. Even the smallest change in a skill can make a huge difference come game time!
  3. An ability to go with the flow– Arguably camp’s biggest and most ruach-filled day comes with pitting blue and gold against each other to see who will reign as Maccabiah champion. Now, because of this division, not everyone can come out as a Maccabiah winner. However, this is the beauty of competition- you cannot win or lose every single game, match, or meet you compete in. Regardless of the situation, come into camp with an ability to be flexible and understanding of what is happening all around. The counselors and other staff members will work tirelessly to ensure that you are having the best summer, but sometimes, plans change. Instead of letting this impact your summer, embrace it. Get ready to play your heart out, and win or lose, Maccabiah will exist as a memory filled with fun, competition, and your hardest efforts! We embrace fun as a priority, and you should, too! Accept that not everything will always go perfectly, and get excited about it. You’ll never know where camp’s creativity will take you!
  4. An empty stomach– Normally camp food receives a reputation for being inedible. However, 6 Points offers dining that will excite you to come in, sing HaMotzi, and get in line as quickly as possible! Between breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and an evening treat, there is no shortage of food to eat while at camp over the summer. Make sure to fuel your body with the necessary nutrients for a rigorous sport major training session and hydrate with water and Gatorade so you can perform at your highest level. Come with an empty stomach so you can leave the dining hall with the appropriate nutrients to challenge yourself to be your best.
  5. A curiosity to step out of your comfort zone– You will confront so many new opportunities over the summer. Maybe you see a new soccer workout and want to try it out. Maybe you meet someone and are itching to get to know them. Maybe you want to ask for help and just do not know how. Take this summer as a chance to jump outside of your normal comfort zone to better yourself and your community! You have so much to offer our 6 Points Sports Academy community, and it is through your willingness to try something new that will make an impact on so many people. Bring some questions to ask your new roommates or new counselors so that you can feel comfortable with the people who you will get to know most. Make a deal with someone that you will eat a new food once a day to continue expanding your palate and options for nutrients. Encourage yourself to challenge yourself to grow as a Jewish athlete.

These are just some of the many things you might need along your journey at 6 Points. Whether it is your first, second, or eighth summer, it is bound to be the best summer ever! Enjoy your time and cherish the new and the old.

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