Blog  Merging Judaism and Sports with Coach Jackie Gordon

Merging Judaism and Sports with Coach Jackie Gordon

Coach Jackie Gordon will serve as our Director of Jewish Life in Greensboro, NC

Where are you from? I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland – 20 minutes outside of DC. Now I live in Baltimore!

What do you do during the school year? I am a Middle School PE teacher in Reisterstown. I also coach Middle School basketball and Varsity High School lacrosse.

You have been at 6 Points from the beginning – how has your role evolved and what are you looking forward to the most? The first year I came to camp, we didn’t have lacrosse and I was able to work with coaches in other sports, particularly soccer and basketball. I loved being at the lake for kayaking and helped bring the volleyball and lacrosse electives to life. Lacrosse at camp grew, and I really enjoyed being a part of both the boys’ and girls’ programs.

My connection with Israel and the sport I love has been a great motivator for me to come back to camp each and every summer. I love being able to experience an enriching athletic training and coaching program with the passion that I have for Judaism. Over the years, I have become a better coach, alongside becoming an overall better person, and more proud of my Jewish heritage.

Last year, I helped the Jewish Life team and began to deepen my relationships with the Rabbis and visiting faculty. This year, as the Director of Jewish Life, I am looking forward to playing EVERY sport this summer. As athletes, we think and act differently than others. I am looking forward to sharing our core values with our campers and the entire camp community from another athlete’s perspective. And of course, I am looking forward to being at my home away from home with some of my best friends!

We often talk about how 6 Points Sports Academy is unique…for you personally, what makes 6 Points so special? 6 Points is the place to be an awesome athlete, an awesome person, and an awesome Jewish person ALL at the same time. I have always been involved in sports as a player and coach in secular environments. I teach at a public school. I worked at nature camps for many years. Since high school, I have a been involved with my synagogue, teaching and leading weekend retreats and Confirmation trips to New York.

I love working in each “zone” of my life – teaching, coaching, temple, and camp. 6 Points is a place where all my passions collide; I feel the most complete when I am at camp. I get to play and learn from some of the best coaches and educators I have ever met, I have traveled to Israel multiple times to deepen my own personal Jewish journey, and have continued to grow professionally.

What is your goal for the summer as Director of Jewish Life? My number one goal is to spread our 6 core values – leadership, teamwork, intention, growth, sportsmanship, and pride – within our camp community to create proud Jewish Athletes that become leaders in their home communities.

What songs get you pumped up before a big game? Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n’ Roses but most importantly, anything I know and can sing along to will get me pumped up! I just need some good lyrics and the ability to bob my head up and down to the beat!

What famous athlete did you look up to when you were young? Julie Foudy from the Women’s National Soccer Team. She was a captain, center mid-fielder, play-maker, and always poised and passionate about the game and leading her team.

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