Blog  Meet Our 2017 Athletic Directors!

Meet Our 2017 Athletic Directors!

Our Athletic Directors work tirelessly throughout the summer to ensure our athletic programs are a success. Learn a little bit about them below!

Coach Alli McKain

Where are you from? South Carolina – GO TIGERS!

What do you do during the school year? In addition to being a physical education teacher, I coach soccer, basketball, and volleyball.  I run coaching clinics throughout Los Angeles, along with coaching individual training sessions.   This year, I am working with a coaching mentoring program called 6 Points Future Coaches, in which I educate young Jewish athletes who aspire to be professional coaches on skill development, skill analysis, and provide them with coaching tools to be successful within their sport of passion.  This is a new program and I have enjoyed designing the curriculum, teaching them new sports, breaking down mechanics, and watching them transition into coaches!

How many years have you been at camp? I have been with 6 Points since they opened in 2010!

What excites you about 6 Points? As Athletic Director, and also a Jewish athlete, 6 Points provides a platform in which I can strive for excellence and achievement in a goal oriented environment that allows me to pursue continuous learning and acquire new skills while refining my previously established skill sets.  6 Points is a very special community- THERE AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A 6 POINTS PARTY!!!

Where can we find you during sport majors? We have an exceptional coaching staff!  I love playing everything and taking full advantage of our highly qualified coaches.  You will see me on the tennis court getting pointers from Coach Max on my overhead, shooting hoops with Coach Jerry and Coach Bobby, encouraging the soccer players on Fitness Friday with Coach Rafi, practicing the timing of my flip turns in swimming with Coach Ido, and trying my best to beat the baseball players in pickle!

Of our 6 core values – Teamwork, Leadership, Growth, Pride, Intention, and Sportsmanship – which do you identify with the most and why? Because I work in Athletic Administration, I identify most with leadership and growth.  As a leader, I embody the values of teamwork, pride, intention, and sportsmanship.  In sports, a leader fosters the attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning and participation and the representation of one’s character in his or her highest form of integrity.  When I was a younger athlete, I never worried about out-performing my opponent on the field, but instead was solely focused on competing at my optimum performance.  My dad was a coach and instilled within me “there will always be someone better than you, but no one should work harder than you”.  Character education is a crucial component to the composition of an athlete, and particularly Jewish athletes.

If you could have dinner with any famous athlete, who would it be and why? I would love to share a snack with Pele.  If he let me choose, we would munch on mangos, the fruit in which he actually learned how to play the game of soccer.  Mangos were his foundation.  Pele is one of the greatest, most influential athletes in the history of sports. His inspirational quote has been hanging on my office wall for more than 11 years now.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” Pelé

Coach Scott Selvidge

Where are you from? I am from Weston, Florida.

What do you do during the school year? During the year, I serve as Athletic and Activities Director at Cypress Bay High School.  I also teach Social Studies and serve as the Social Studies Department Chair.

How many years have you been at camp? This will be my third year at 6 Points!

What excites you about 6 Points? The atmosphere, the kids, and the coaches…. The coming together of all those variables makes for an unbelievable experience.  I really enjoy watching that magic transpire!

Where can we find you during sport majors? Usually going from major to major… Making sure the coaches have everything they need, ensuring the kids are actively engaged in their sport and providing any help or assistance necessary to make that experience better every day!

Of our 6 core values – Teamwork, Leadership, Growth, Pride, Intention, and Sportsmanship – which do you identify with the most and why? I will go with intention…I believe all of us have to have a goal and need a plan to achieve it.  In that regard I believe intention is necessary to accomplish any goal…Your goal could be to get faster, stronger, hit for a higher average, etc. This allows you to connect to the other core values of growth, pride, leadership and teamwork as well.

If you could have dinner with any famous athlete, who would it be and why? Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox or Tim Tebow… Pedey epitomizes everything I love about sports…. he is undersized but plays like a giant with his great passion and heart in being the leader of the Red Sox…Tebow was the leader of my alma mater from 2006-2009, winning two national championships and a Heisman trophy along the way.  Tebow leads by example, gives his absolute best every time he is on the field and hold himself and his teammates accountable.  Both of these guys go to battle and serve as terrific role models for young people!

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