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A Parent’s Perspective

At a recent Camp Shabbat at Temple Beth Sholom in Miami Beach, Peter Hickey shared his perspective on the benefits of camp.

URJ camps are much more than recess for parents. As a father who has worked as part of the Leadership Team at 6 Points Sports Academy the past two summers with my children in tow, I have concluded that this experience cannot be replicated. The opportunity for your child to develop their Jewish identity in the company of like-minded, exceptional individuals is priceless. The organic Jewish experience from boker tov, good morning, to laila tov, good night, is both an immersive and transformative opportunity for your child. Camp provides the environment to develop not only one’s Jewish identity but passions, skills, and friendships. As your child steps out of their comfort zone and reinvents themselves, they begin to develop resiliency, confidence, and self-determination. All of which are transferable skills. And no disrespect to Beth Sholom and Rabbi Morrison, but Shabbat at camp is “off the chain”-fun, infectious, and spiritually impactful. Be there.

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