Blog  We Have So Much to be Grateful For

We Have So Much to be Grateful For

Winter is coming and we’re in the height of recruitment and planning for the upcoming summer. As we finish up the week, pack our bags to be with family, and bake that one last pie, we want to stop, be in the present, and remind ourselves how grateful we are for 6 Points Sports Academy. We want to say thank you.

To the founders and the Foundation for Jewish Camping…Thank you. Thank you for having a vision of a Jewish Sports Camp and making it a reality. The saying “if you build it, they will come” could not be more true. Thanks to you, we welcomed 860 Jewish athletes to camp this summer.

To the counselors…Thank you. Thank you for being your campers’ big brother or sister. You are there to help them in the middle of the night when they miss home and you are their biggest cheerleaders on the courts, fields, and in the pool. And above all, thank you for being such positive Jewish role models—you truly change lives.

To the coaches…Thank you. Thank you for bringing your love of the game and for showing that you don’t have to stop being an athlete to be Jewish and you don’t have to stop being Jewish to be an athlete. You work day in and day out to help each camper become the player they want to be.

To the Rabbis and Faculty…Thank you. Thank you for reminding us that you don’t just stand on the bimah. You’re actually pretty cool and we love that you jump into sport majors and get sweaty, tired, and sore with us! Thank you for creating such spiritual Shabbat services that bring our community even closer.

To the campers…Thank you. After all, there would be no 6 Points Sports Academy without you! You make us laugh and teach us new things every day—you’re amazing.

To the parents…Thank you. Thank you for trusting us with the most important person in your life, your child. They are smart and kind. They help us be better people. Thank you for giving them the gift of 6 Points Sports Academy where they can grow into proud Jewish athletes and making lifelong friendships.

6 Points Sports Academy would not be the same without you. Our camp is something bigger than just one person. To everyone who helps make the 6 Points kehillah community so special, thank you.

From the 6 Points Family to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

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