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The Role Models Our Kids Deserve

by Danny Herz
North Carolina Director

As an adult who works with the youth on an everyday basis, I firmly believe I have an obligation to act as a role model, speak as a role model, and behave as a role model – every minute of every day.

Society of today does not agree with me, and I am having a hard time understanding that very society and some of the decisions made in our world.

For example, lets discuss what happened on January 18, 2015 in the AFC Championship Game. The NFL decided the the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, knew about a scheme to deflate footballs. Because of his involvement with this situation, the mighty NFL suspended Tom Brady for 4 games, which after a lengthy legal battle, the quarterback served at the beginning of the 2016 season. 4 NFL games is 25% of the season, and amounts to a serious suspension in the NFL world.

Now, let’s compare that with another suspension that the NFL handed out entering the 2016 season. The New York Giants kicker, Josh Brown, was suspended 1 game for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

Don’t tell me that the NFL didn’t know how serious this situation was. The league had access to the police records and the court records, and could see exactly how devastating the actions of the kicker were, and exactly what he did. And they still suspended him for only 1 game!

Sure, I am interested to see if the NFL goes back and issues a longer suspension for Brown. That is a long discussion in and of itself.

But what really interests me here is if the New York Giants cut ties with the kicker – who is having a great season on the field so far. Do the Giants care more about having a good kicker than having an abuser on their team? Does the team show the world (in the USA’s biggest media market, too) that being a bad person is ok if you can kick a football straight? So far, the Giants have done exactly that – and I am sickened by this thought.

The Giants need to show every young athlete that it does matter how you act, behave, speak, and portray yourself to the world – even if you are an elite athlete at the highest level of professional athletics. It is not a right to play professional football, and if I, as a professional who works with youth, were to commit the same terrible act that Josh Brown committed, I would lose my job. The New York Giants, and the NFL need to do the same thing and cut Josh Brown, showing the world – and more importantly our youth – that the actions of athletes and behavior of athletes matters to us just as much as the athletic ability of these athletes.

So Tom Brady gets 4 games for knowing about the deflating of footballs but Josh Brown gets 1 for abusing his wife. The actions of the NFL are not consistent, but even worse – they send a poor message to the youth of the world.

I wish our society would understand the need to be great role models to the youth of today.  I wish more people in society would understand the power of role modeling positive behavior – which we do every single day at camp.

My belief in the power of 6 Points Sports Academy is based on many factors; including the ability of every single camper in our community to be surrounded by positive role models in both their athletic and social endeavors – all while in a kind and nurturing Jewish environment.





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