Blog  A Beginner’s Tale

A Beginner’s Tale

Camper, Ellie Plisko, switched things up this summer as she tried out a new sport. It may have been nerve-wracking and tough at first, but Ellie has come a long way. She shares with our community what it was like to be brand new at her sport major and what her experiences have been this summer as she learned to play tennis.

My name is Ellie Plisko and this summer is my 5th summer at 6 Points. For the past 4 years, I have played soccer here as my sport major, right alongside my best friends. However, this year I thought it was time for a change.

I love soccer, but it was getting old. I play all year round and wanted to spend my summer doing something new and different. So, when my mom signed me up for camp, I decided to pick tennis as my major. I had no experience and had never touched a tennis racket before this summer.

When it was time for my first tennis sport major on the night of opening day, I couldn’t have been more nervous as I walked down to the court. Soccer had been a routine for me and I was part of the soccer community here at camp. I knew the way warm-ups were run, how the groups were split, many of the drills, and just what to expect in general. Going to tennis, I barely knew anyone and I didn’t know what to do, where to go, or what I had gotten myself in to.

Then came the embarrassment. I had the wrong shoes, a bad racket, and I could barely hit the ball, let alone get it over the net or inside the court. Despite that, every single coach on the court was not only willing, but excited to help me improve. Coach Beth lent me her personal racket, and my tennis career was underway.

The first two weeks at camp flew by and on the last day of Session Two during my evaluation, I realized that I was 100,000 times better at tennis than when I had started. Over intersession, I got proper shoes and a new racket, gearing up for Session Three.
Now, I am halfway through my second session at camp and think that if you were watching me play tennis, you wouldn’t believe that I couldn’t even hit a ball 3 weeks ago. The 6 Points community has been so supportive of my goals and committed to my improvement. I have made friends in tennis that will last a lifetime. This summer, I have found a new kind of confidence in myself and know that I can do anything if I set my mind to it and don’t give up. I have learned that you are never too old to try something new.

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