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An Open Letter Home From Camp

Some of our lovely Session Two lower girls shared with us their letters home and here is, in their exact words, how camp is going. Thank you to Rachel and Emma for letting us take a peek at your mail and publish your letters!

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am having a blast this session! I have made many new friends who are just like me. I love my roommates so much – they are so nice! My counselors are, too. They make everything even more exciting and are there to help me with anything I need. Every day is jam-packed with activities, but my favorite part of the day is siyum, where the whole camp comes together to sing the Shema and Hashkiveinu before we go to sleep.

The coaches in soccer are very helpful and a lot of fun. My soccer practices are intense, which is great. The best part of them are the scrimmages every night where everyone is very competitive. I’m learning many new things from the daily Jewish values and about how to be a better goalkeeper in soccer. Aside from soccer, I love elective time. I don’t like to brag, but I’m killer at basketball!

Maccabiah was out of this world! I was on the Gold Team and got to be a lieutenant and help lead the team. G-O-L-D all the way to victory! The theme this session was Policemen vs. Robbers. We did different scrimmages in soccer, had dorm competitions with water balloons, and got to play many mini challenges, including getting an Oreo from our forehead to our mouth without using our hands. My favorite part about the whole thing was the camp-wide relay race! I did a Frisbee toss with a girl from my dorm. To end the relay, the captains, from the oldest dorms, took turns trying to make a half-court shot. It was so intense and a lot of fun. Blue won Maccabiah, but it was awesome to see that no matter what team anybody was on, when it was over, everyone went back to being one big community.

I love Shabbat here, too! The services are not too long and I like all of the songs we sing. After services, we all go for a big song session and I love getting to dance with all of my friends and counselors. We have a campfire with s’mores and our counselors give out a few special bracelets. I got one last Friday for being inclusive to all the girls in my dorm, especially the new ones. On the last Saturday, we are going to run a 5k for charity. I want to try and win from my dorm, but I am planning on running with my roommate.

I am head over heels for 6 Points. I have made lifelong friends who are Jewish and athletes, just like me. I am having the time of my life and I wish I could stay longer. I can’t wait to come back every summer until I get to be a counselor here.

I miss you and love you!

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