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The 6 Points Life Cycle

Molly Minnen is a rising senior at The University of Georgia, where she studies psychology. She loves camp with her whole heart and has found some of her biggest role models at 6 Points. Molly is the first member of our community to “hit for the 6 Points cycle” by going from camper to CIT to counselor and now holding a role on leadership team.

My 6 Points identity was born in June of 2010 the moment I arrived for year one, session one, day one at 6 Points Sports Academy. By some magnificent stroke of luck, I was rooming with Nina Goodhue. Nina is two years younger than me but was much more outgoing. She helped me overcome my fear of being in a new place and we developed a friendship that has lasted seven years. Towards the end of the session, we were selected to be Maccabiah captains of opposing teams. In the first ever 6 Points Maccabiah, the entire camp ran and sang and danced their hearts out. Nina and the Gold team won that year, but the realization that I had found a new home and new best friends meant the world to me. This year, Nina has climbed the camp ladder and is changing lives in our oldest female dorm as a Kfar Saba counselor.

In 2011, I returned for my second summer as a camper. I knew it was my last before I aged out so I tried to savor every moment. That year I met Daniel Pressman. Daniel is three years younger than me but we bonded over a love for this place and our sports. He showed me what it means to truly love your sport and put your whole heart into the work you do. He returned every summer from then on as a camper and participated as a CIT in 2015. Daniel is now an amazing counselor to the Tel Aviv Tigers and teaches his campers the same lessons he taught me.

In 2012, I was able to return to camp because 6 Points began its Counselor in Training program.  That summer I met soccer coach Allie McCain. I learned as I watched her command respect and effort from every camper while being true to her naturally kind and gentle personality. I have had the opportunity to work with many incredible coaches, but Coach Allie was the first one I thought I might be able to be like one day. Coach Allie is now working at the new 6 Points Sports Academy in California, helping spread the magic of our community across the nation.

2013 was my first summer as a counselor. I was a Bat Yam Butterfly and an assistant soccer coach. That year, I got to work with Michaela Green in sport majors.  Michaela taught me a lot about what it means to be a role model because she treated every camper and situation with perseverance and respect. We never worked in the same dorm but I always found myself looking up to her for her spunk and infectious grin. This summer, Michaela has grown into the role of Lower Girls Unit Head and is supporting a phenomenal group of counselors, many of whom were once our campers.

2014 was my second year as a Bat Yam Butterfly. That year, I was co-counselors with Alyse Feldman. She inspired me to make tighter bonds with all my campers and foster friendships with everyone I met. Alyse is the counselor that holds everyone to the highest of expectations yet still act as a best friend when the time is right. Alyse and I bonded further in May of 2015 when we were given the chance to serve as Cornerstone Fellows. Alyse, Zach Goldberger, Allison Merims, Hilary Gugig, and I spent a week in Pennsylvania learning how to bring meaningful programing and leadership training to 6 Points. We had all spent a number of summers working at camp and were jumping at the opportunity to share some new ideas and programs with our camp.

In June of 2015 I began my third year as a counselor and made the transition to Kfar Saba and the upper village. I worked more closely with Zach than I had ever before as we tried to integrate new, large-scale Jewish programs into our sports-filled days. We struggled and hit a few snags along the way, but Zach always remained positive and persistent. As Zach maintained confidence in his work, he encouraged me to do the same. While I continue to try to master that confidence, the encouragement he provided me has helped propel my progression along the camp life cycle.

About six weeks ago, I arrived to continue my 6 Points journey as the CIT Coordinator. Though at times I felt overwhelmed or unsure, I look back and can see that all the people I met and lessons I learned along the way have prepared me to tackle any challenge. I love the feeling of coming back to this place year after year and building a network of hardworking, motivational people. 6 Points has seen me through so many turning points in life and I am so glad to have a place like this to call my home and friends like this to call my family.

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