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Shabbat Shalom from Danny Herz

As we enter the time of our first Shabbat of Session 3, we pause to reflect on the week that just passed. It was a wonderful first week of our final session, filled with hard work on the fields and courts as well as in the dorms. This week, we worked hard and worked smart – to keep the intention of our work in mind at all times.

Intention, or Kavanah, is one of our core values here at 6 Points. We try to always have an intention to learn and improve every day – as athletes and as people. There is a difference between being active on the field and being productive on the field.

Go to any gym, and you will see that there are individuals with many different skill sets and abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out next to a heavyweight champion or a young person just beginning to workout. The importance does not lie with how much time he or she spends in the gym, but by how productive they are with that time. It does not matter how much weight one can lift, but rather how hard one works to improve and achieve his or her goals. There are people in the gym who spend their time taking pictures to post online so that others know they were are the gym, and there are those who are simply working out to improve their own lifestyles and to become healthier. The first group of people are being active in the gym, but the second group have not only been active but has also been productive. This same logic can be applied to all things in life from sports, to school, to work, and beyond.

When you wake up in the morning, step onto the field, enter the classroom, or the office, what is your intention?

At 6 Points Sports Academy, our campers work every day on being as productive as possible in everything they do. They strive to not just be active in sports majors and electives, but to utilize their time to improve their skills, character, and to aim for success while taking in everything their coaches teach them. When our campers see progress, it is because they worked hard and used their time productively.

Be intentional; don’t just be active with your time, but rather be productive with your time.

Shabbat Shalom.

Danny Herz

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