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From 6 Points to Elite Athlete

Gina Salemi is a rising freshman at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. She embodies all of the 6 Points values and is an inspiration to those around her to be the best version of themselves. Gina loves both lacrosse and camp and can be spotted flying around with the Eilat Eagles or on the track running her summer workouts in her free time. 

For 7 years, 6 Points has been a big part of my life – a place my summers would not be complete without. So, when this summer, the one before my freshman year of college rolled around, there was never any real question in my mind that I would spend my summer anywhere else.

Having really grown up at 6 points, a lot – if not nearly all – of my athletic and personal successes can be attributed to lessons learned on the fields and in the dorms with my counselors here in Greensboro. When I decided to become a counselor, I did so because I wanted to pay those lessons forward. I wanted to show the next generation of Jewish athletes that they can be as successful in their sports or in life as they want to be if they dream big and work hard. While I may be the first NCAA Division 1 athlete to come out of 6 Points, I know I am not the last.

A few years ago I was told “Elite athletes don’t go to 6 Points”. To hear this about the place I love was probably one of the worst things someone could have said to me at 13 years old. However, I used that as my motivation – to show it was possible to be at the top level of my sport and also come to camp to be a kid in the summer. While it did require some sacrifices in missing a few days of camp here and there to go to big tournaments, it allowed me to have the summers I wanted. This is why it was so important for me to come here before my first year as a collegiate athlete.

I want to show our campers that they can have it all. While camp is fun – the best 2, 4, or 6 weeks of your summer or maybe even year – you can still train and get better at your sport. Coming to camp will not “put you behind”. Some of my athletic accomplishments that I am most proud of, including being a member of Israel’s U-19 Women’s National Lacrosse Team and a future D1 Lacrosse player, would not have happened without connections, lessons, or coaching from 6 Points.

For all of this to happen though, does it require hard work? Yes. Will there be sacrifices? Yes. Right now, most of my hours off are spent running or in the gym working on my summer conditioning. Am I exhausted? Yes. But I wouldn’t be where I am now without 6 Points. This is my Home. This is my Family. I want to make them proud. And that is why I choose to spend the summer before I begin playing D1 college lacrosse at 6 Points.

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