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A Tiger’s Life

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Tel Aviv Tiger was like? Counselor Tyler Goldberger shares a glimpse into the fun!

In Tiger Nation here at the Tel Aviv Tigers, we have plenty of adventures throughout the day! Here’s a nice little rundown of how we stay loud and proud:

7:30am- Wake up call! Somehow, we all get up and get out to start our day off with morning stretch! We have been the loudest singing a new rendition of “Modeh Ani” every day this session and we all really love it!

8:00am- Whether it be chocolate croissants, cinnamon buns, or biscuits, we always get excited for breakfast! Even a few occasional spills doesn’t stop us from sharing how pumped we are for the day ahead.

9:00am- We clean the dorm and get ready for sports major! We work really hard to be the cleanest dorm in our circle and we even won this week! Winning means we get to sleep in on Saturday and eat bagels in our dorm which is super exciting. As a nice, new tradition in our dorm, we play “Dead Fish” before we head off! This game means that we have to remain completely still and silent. If the counselors see us move, then we’re out. It’s a nice way to get the attention of the campers.

12:00pm- After a long and hot sports major, we get back together at lunch to share funny stories and new skills learned over grilled cheese, quesadillas, and chicken tenders! We always like to see who has a full rainbow on their plates… This means that we are getting an adequate amount of nutrients. We also show our dorm spirit by cheering to make sure we’re next in line to eat.

1:00pm- We have created some new fun games to play during rest hour. SAS, or Stuffed Animal Soccer, has quickly become a favorite in the dorm. We also play Taps and are working on combining capture the flag and freeze tag for the ultimate free time activity!

5:00pm- After our two electives, we get back together for a quieter, more relaxed rest hour. Here, we incorporate a lot of card games and opportunities to write letters home. We rest to make sure we are all ready to give our all at our evening majors.

6:00pm- Our dinner conversations normally discuss how we are ready to play some games in our sports majors that night! We also have fun singing the Birkat Hamazon and banging on the tables, while trying to avoid more spills.

9:00pm- We are exhausted from sports, but we come together at the end of the night as a whole camp to sing our Siyum song. We then rush back to the dorm to shower all of our sweat off, eat our milk and cookies, and reflect on the day!

Just like that, another great day is over! Oh, the joys to be a Tiger!

T-T-T-I-G, E-E-E-R-S, T-I-G-E-R-S, Tigers are the very best!!

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