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Jewish Athletes Can Play!

By Danny Herz, 6 Points Sports Academy NC Camp Director

When I meet people and tell them that I work as the director of a Jewish Sports camp, it is fairly common for the person I am talking with to raise an eyebrow, tilt their head to the right, squint a little, and show complete skepticism towards the concept of mixing athletics and Judaism. It is a regular occurrence for people to say: “Come on, Jewish Sports?? – those just doesn’t mix.” Often people go a step further and say: “We Jews aren’t good athletes.”

One of the things that 6 Points Sports Academy has demonstrated over its 6-year lifespan is that Jewish athletes not only exist, but that Jewish athletes can indeed thrive, contribute to big time programs, and help winning teams succeed. Watching Jewish athletes go through intense skill development sessions at camp each summer has shown me year after year that our youth – our Jewish youth – are steadily increasing the skill level at which they play the sports that they love.1b

There are results to back up my theory – each year, more and more campers are coming to 6 Points Sports Academy to improve their skills and make themselves better players in their favorite sports. This coming summer we will welcome over 700 young Jewish athletes to camp who want to get better and want to improve on a daily basis.

On February 10, 2016 the Hillel Miami soccer team won a state championship in boys’ soccer. WOW! What an accomplishment for a small school in South Florida to go up against schools from all over the state, many of whom are powerhouses in soccer, and knock them all off, one by one. At the end of the season, only 1 school remained – the Jewish school with Jewish players – and they stood tall as the champions. An amazing accomplishment that serves notice to the world: Jewish athletes are here to stay, Jewish athletes are getting better and better, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about this story here.

Young Jewish athletes will keep getting better and better because of places like 6 Points Sports Academy, a place where young athletes go to train during the summer with elite coaches on an elite campus while in a nurturing, caring, Jewish environment. I believe that over time, Jewish athletes will provide more major contributions to winning teams, and I am confident that the overall skill level of our young Jewish athletes will continue to improve.

Congratulations to the Jewish soccer players from Miami, and I challenge other Jewish athletes across the world to emulate their success. Let’s see all of the young Jewish athletes who want to improve their skill level and keep proving to the world that not only is it possible to be a Jewish athlete, but also an extremely successful Jewish athlete.11731632_10153051686437993_6374325661613714658_o

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