Blog  99 Thoughts Every Camp Counselor Has on Opening Day

99 Thoughts Every Camp Counselor Has on Opening Day

Returning Counselor and Cornerstone Fellow Alyse Feldman has 99 thoughts that every counselor has on the opening day of summer camp!

  1. I’m up, I’m up!!!
  2. Today is the most exciting day ever!
  3. Wow, how did I just jump out of bed so fast?
  4. Is it really only 5:30 am?
  5. I only went to bed 5 hours ago
  6. At least my camper name signs look cute
  7. I hope its French toast sticks for breakfast
  8. Where is the sun?
  9. It’s kind of chilly today
  10. Pancakes? Okay, those will do.
  11. Here come the intersession kids
  12. How did I miss them so much in 48 hours?
  13. Dorm greeter, yessss!
  14. Time to go to my stationb52daadc-9a2f-49e3-8731-6f58c3803716-1024x682
  16. Let the party begin!
  17. That means they kids are coming!
  18. I see a camper!!!
  19. Is that one mine?
  20. No…
  21. Why are my campers not the first ones here?
  22. OMG I see one of mine!!!
  23. This is so exciting
  24. Here come my kids from last year
  25. Love me, campers, love me!
  26. These kids are awesome
  27. I have the best job ever
  28. When is lunch?
  29. Wow, it got really hot really fast
  30. Is only 11 am?
  31. So many bags to move
  32. … but where are the kids?
  33. Oh, here come my favorite parents from lasts year
  34. So great to see so many familiar faces
  35. 11:15? Really??
  36. An hour and 30 minutes till lunch
  37. I can do this
  38. Just keep singing
  39. Hevenu Shaaaaaaalom Alechem
  40. Only 2 more campers until my dorm is all here
  41. I wonder if the RDU people are headed back yet
  42. I hope they are
  43. Life is so hard when my co isn’t around
  44. Lunch?
  45. Lunch?!?
  46. LUNCH!!!!!
  47. Hooray, pizza bagels are my favorite!
  48. I wish we had menucha today
  49. The dining hall is so much more fun when it’s full of campers
  50. Get to know you games are so funny
  51. Dorm sports with the boys? Yay!
  52. Okay, I could really use a nap
  53. The RDU bus is back?!
  54. YESSSSSSS!!!!
  55. IS. MY. CO????
  56. Must attack
  57. We’ve been apart for too long
  58. Hevenu shaaaaaaalom Alechem…
  59. Here we go again
  60. My last 2 kids are here!!!!
  61. It’s so good to all be together
  62. Time to get up and dance for opening ceremonies
  63. LOL I hope K’far Saba does the kangaroo song again
  64. Go go go!!!!
  65. Win the basketball musical chairs!
  66. Dinner timmmmme!
  67. Ugh the walk from the dining hall to the 500 circle to the gym is soooo long
  68. Sports majors make it totally worth it
  69. Yay so many new babes in my sport!
  70. They’re all killing it!
  71. This is going to be such a great session
  72. Everyone has improved so much since last year
  73. Wow how is it already 8:30?
  74. Time really does fly when you’re having fun
  75. Siyyum is my favorite part of the day
  76. So wonderful with 300 people in our community
  77. Just staff was so lonely!
  78. Wait a second, is this real?
  79. Are the campers really here?
  80. This is the best day ever!
  81. Time for the 900 mile walk to Narn…I mean the 500 circle
  82. Cookies and milk timeeee
  83. Wow I smell so bad, I could really use a shower
  84. How am I still awake right now?
  85. Roses and thorns?
  86. Thorn?
  87. How?
  88. There was literally nothing bad about today
  89. Well, except that I’ve been awake for more than 17 hours
  90. Okay, kids, I want to stay up and hang out all night too but we should probably get some sleep
  91. No, I mean it
  92. GO TO BED!!!!
  93. Being on Shmirah all together is so much fun
  94. So many cute pictures from today online already!
  95. Pizza?!?
  96. Thaaaaaaaank you A-Team
  97. Is it bedtime yet?
  98. This was the best day ever
  99. Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and do it allllllll again!



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