Blog  Benefits of the “Camp Bubble”

Benefits of the “Camp Bubble”

By Hilary Guigig, Returning Counselor and Cornerstone Fellow camp is one of the most magical places, especially 6 Points Sports Academy.  Your best friends are in the room or dorm right next to yours and you get to run around playing sports all day.  We get to participate in song sessions, Shabbat services, campfires, and so much more.  What’s the best part about that?  We get to participate in all of these wonderful camp traditions without the pressure of needing to add a moment to your Snapchat story or post a photo to Instagram and worry about how many likes you receive within the first 10 minutes. From the minute our campers arrive at 6 Points Sports they know that this will be their world for the upcoming days. This phenomenon is known as the “camp bubble;” some campers dread it, some embrace it, and we all know that camp wouldn’t be the same without it.

Without cell phones and other technology, our campers play volleyball and go kayaking during electives, pay extra close attention to their coaches and counselors during sport majors, and interact at our meals, during rest hour, Middah Moments, and lilah tov programs.  Our campers are 100% present and have time to bang on the tables during the Birkat Hamazon and create silly cheers about anything from their favorite counselor to the meal of the day.  Our campers are avidly cleaning their rooms for Nikki Nikayon, vying for that coveted breakfast-in-bed prize on Saturday mornings. cell phones and other technology, our campers are making new friends and having “real” social interactions.  There is no fear of scrolling through their social media feeds and seeing pictures of their friends from home hanging out at the movies or getting ice cream without them.  Our campers are fully immersed in the camp culture and enjoying every minute of it.

While cell phones and other wifi-enabled devices are not allowed on campus, there is interaction with the “outside world” that comes in the form of BunkNotes and good, old-fashioned snail mail.  The front office in our Ulam Sport is filled every day with care packages from family and friends.  There are daily updates from the professional sports world given at nearly every meal, and our counselors make sure that they tie in current events to our Middah Moments and lilah tov programs.

The bubble may just be the most important part of camp. It is easy to find fleeting distractions wherever we are in the real world. Our phones go with us everywhere, apps vie to commodify every small daily task, and even airplanes have wifi now. But at camp, we get to slow down, take a breath, and talk to each other. No amount of technology will ever replace what 6 Points Sports can offer.


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