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Ready for World Cup Soccer?

Courtney McLeod
USA International Player

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soccer collageMy name is Courtney McLeod. I have played soccer for Coach Alli (we call her Coach McKain) for the past four years. As the summer quickly approaches, I wanted to share a few things soccer with you.

Although “never give up” is one of the most used sayings today, I can’t express the need for people to live by these words. In every aspect of life, you will come across speed bumps, forks in the road, and pot holes that will try to slow you down and test your tenacity, faith, and passion — especially when you break down in the most important aspect of your life. Soccer has always been the biggest part of me. It has taught me that no matter the circumstances, you control the outcome of many situations just by your mindset. When I suffered a shatter case spiral fractured tibia and fibula playing for the South Carolina Olympic Development team in 2012, I was immediately devastated. After the surgeon told me I should keep an open mind when I tried to make a comeback from my injury, I was inspired to make a conscious effort every day to become a better person in all aspects. In less than three months of daily physical therapy and determination, I made my comeback. People doubted me every day and asked, “Courtney, what are you going to do now that you can’t play soccer?” Today, I am committed to a Division 1 NCAA school to continue my soccer career at the collegiate level. I am a member of the USYSA International team and will travel to Italy and Spain this year to compete against professional teams. I overcame something huge because I wanted more than anything to continue playing the sport I love so much.

The point I want to get across is this: no matter what you do or what you try to accomplish, do it like it’s the last chance you will ever have. If you only put in 50%, you can’t expect to have your desired outcome. Realize that every chance you get in life is absolutely precious and it’s rare to have a second chance. No matter what you choose to do, do it with confidence, do it with heart, and never lose faith in yourself.

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