Blog  Kehilla קהילה

Kehilla קהילה 
by Alli McKain

As we celebrate another great victory on the pitch by team USA, it comes as no surprise that team USA players continue to display solidarity as they advance in the tournament.  Previously, in the match against Costa Rica, Lindsey Horan led team USA with four goals to a 6-0 victory.  Today, however, was a very different game for team USA.  Three players McKenzie Meehan, Andi Sullivan, and Savannah Jordan scored and the entire team played with determination and heart.  Together, they claimed the pitch yet again, defeating Jamaica 3-0.

Team cohesion has a significant impact in the game of soccer.  A successful team needs a solid defensive backline, the ability to maintain individual and collective possession, and a strong finish.  Each player has a contribution to the game.  At 6 Points, teamwork comes very natural; there is unity in training.  It is not something that Coach Barry and I spend time coaching players on.  It is the high expectations that we have for our players, and our players have for themselves and each other.  Kavod.  It is respect of the pitch.  We are dependent on each other.  We are a Kehilla, one soccer community that cannot be broken.

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