Blog  Are you in the Cayman Islands?

Are you in the Cayman Islands?

We aren’t either, but Coach Alli is is sharing her thoughts on the World Cup Qualifying Match being played there.

Under 20 World Cup Qualifier Poster


It was an emotional match for Honduras, who showed clear signs of frustration as Trinidad exploited their defensive back line.  Trinidad’s Patrice Campbell had fantastic placement off her corner kick, allowing Anique Walker to close in on the opportunity just beyond the 6-yard box.  It was a beautiful way for Walker to finish the set piece, but that wasn’t the only break that Trinidad was able to capitalize on.  Campbell, out on the flank, crossed the ball but this time just inside the 6-yard box for Brianna Ryce to put it away with a header.

This match was about working to create opportunity; the same opportunities that I see players work so hard to create on the pitch throughout the summer at 6 Points.  It’s the fight within each player, despite the heat, tiredness, soreness, or rain, to play the game we love and live for among other Jewish athletes.  At every training session, players work to play at their optimal performance. For a Jewish soccer player, it is something very special- it is a fight worth fighting.



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