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Happy Thanksgivvukah

by Lori Hulak

What does 6 Points Sports Academy and Thanksgivvukah have in common?

Sports, of course….On Thanksgiving Day, many families gather around the TV to watch football, while other families have their own backyard football games.  Less we forget that the pinnacle for high school football teams and cheerleaders is the Thanksgiving Day rivalries.

Hanukkah is a celebration of the valor, courage and bravery of Judah Maccabee.  This legend turned sports hero is the namesake for the international Jewish games, Maccabiah, hosted in Eretz Israel and our very own head to head competition at 6 Points Sports Academy.

Maccabiah Relay

Maccabiah Relay

Thanksgivvukah and 6 Points Sports Academy both illustrate the harmony of being Reform Jews in America today.  We preserve our Jewish heritage and live our Jewish values every day, while we are able to celebrate our American identity.  Both experiences allow us to share our favorite activities with our family and friends, while our Jewishness is ever present. For example, at camp we sing daily prayer of thanksgiving around meals, while the kosher food reminds us of our Jewish heritage; Just as the candles on the menorah “remind of days long ago” .

Intense Maccabiah Competition

Intense Maccabiah Competition

Every day at 6 Points Sports Academy is like this once in a lifetime experience of   Thanskgivvukah. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are both holidays celebrated in our homes with our families, camp is our home away from home with our Sports Academy family.  At Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and 6 Points Sports Academy we come together to eat, laugh, schmooze, play, take a break from our hectic lives/academic year, and engage in sports as a family.  Fortunate for us we won’t have to wait another 70,000+ years to celebrate bringing together Jewish athletes, instead see you in a few short months in the summer of 2014 or watch our website, facebook and tweets for upcoming reunions or camp visits near your home.



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