Blog  Jewish Women – Athletes, Coaches and Role Models

Jewish Women – Athletes, Coaches and Role Models

by Diana Abrahams

Coach Jackie at kayaking elective

Coach Jackie at kayaking elective

As 6 Points has grown over the past few years, the sport majors offered have expanded. A few of them cater to the female Jewish athlete population, such as softball, lacrosse, and cheer/dance. These sport majors have enabled our camp’s female population to increase and our athletic diversity expand. Offering specifically female sports has created a new venue for expressing a young athletes Jewishness. The coaches and role models at camp are also an integral part of enhancing the experience of young female Jewish athletes here at camp.

Two particular examples of this are Coach Ali and Coach Jackie. Coach Ali is a soccer coach who has been a part of the 6 Points community since year one. She knows campers by name, goes out of her way to say hello and to engage campers in the dinning hall and during various camp activities. She runs one of our new electives, rugby, a sport she played through college after she played competitive soccer. The campers respect her as a coach and love her as a role model, which is all you could ever ask for.

Coach Ali's rugby elective

Coach Ali’s rugby elective

Coach Jackie runs the girls’ lacrosse sport major, and has helped out in sports all over camp from soccer to softball to tennis. She is fondly nick-named a ‘jack of all trades’ here at camp. She too is involved in the campers daily lives, talking with them about more than just their sport major, and at various activities throughout the day. She goes above and beyond for her lacrosse girls – she purchased a membership to the national women’s lacrosse website so that we could stream a live game of the women’s lacrosse world cup during lunch. In addition to being outstanding role models for the campers, these coaches are role models for the counselors. We are able to for relationships and learn about their life journeys and see how much they love what they do. They truly positively impact the lives of both the campers and the counselors. They invest themselves in tour camp community, and it is greatly appreciated, and makes more of an impact than they know.

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