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Firefly Legacies

by Jacob Schaffer

Jacob receiving his captain's band

Jacob receiving his captain’s band

After three years at 6 Points, being a Jew has been incorporated into all the aspects of my life. Before camp, I saw being Jewish as just part of my life, like going to Temple for Shabbat and important holidays. But now I think, breathe, and act as a Jew. One of the reasons why I am this way now is because of the values I have learned here at camp. The Torah teaches us many of these values, and that it is important to live by them. Another reason why being Jewish has become much more important to me is because of how we do Shabbat here at camp. Just being with my 6 Points family while singing and praying makes me feel so connected. And yes, I can call 6 Points my family now. I have met so many friends here, and luckily, many have come back. My friends, both counselors and campers, complete my camp experience. Even though this is my last year, I can still look back at all the great memories I have made. Hopefully I will be able to come back as a CIT next year and following year a counselor.


by Elaine Mcintyre

Elaine receiving her captain's band

Elaine receiving her captain’s band

Leadership is a very important quality to have at 6 Points, especially is soccer. I remember my 2nd summer here when Molly Minnen was awarded soccer captain. I remember her walking up to receive her captain’s band with humble rosy cheeks. I remember how much I looked up to her on and off the soccer field. Molly was my captain; she was my leader, but most importantly my inspiration.

Soccer coaches, Barry and Ally, have not only guided me to become a confident soccer player, but also a confident individual. Day in day out, 6 Points soccer is reminded to play with our minds on the field. From this, I’ve taught myself to look at all the possibilities before making a final decision. Also in soccer, we are taught that the ball is a paintbrush and we are the painters. I have applied this to life because life’s am empty canvas and it’s our job to complete a masterpiece.

The newly appointed captains leading warm-ups

The newly appointed captains leading warm-ups

Lessons like these, though they may be small, have changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be more thankful. Barry and Ally have taught me so much, but hardly receive enough appreciation from me.

So, when these coaches awarded me as this sessions’ female captain, I was at a loss for words. Two little ones, thank you, wouldn’t mean as much as I wanted them to.  Then again, receiving the captain’s band meant so much more than being a leader on the field. Wearing that yellow band means responsibility, respect, and initiative. Those are also all words that should describe a “grown up.” Growing up, as much as I hate to say it, we’re all in that process right now. And, to be honest, I’m very frightened of growing up. The whole world is full of opportunities and choices that we now make, instead of a leader doing it for us. It’s uncomfortable. It’s different. I know each of us will have some bit of difficulty in our lives growing up, but no matter where life takes us, 6 Points will always connect us back together.

Each summer has been more memorable than the previous, which is why I call 6 Points my home away from home. The memories I’ve shared and people I’ve met here keep me grounded when life gets hectic back in Michigan. I connect back with my best friends from camp for advice, updates, or just to share corny jokes. Because of 6 Points connecting us in the times between camp, I can honestly say, it’s not goodbye, it’s just see ya later.


by Adam Calhoun

After four years, I think I can firmly call 6 Points my home away from home. It may only  two minutes away from my real home, but it’s a different feeling. The counselors, the coaches, and friends from previous years are just a couple of reasons that I have returned year after year. The amount of friends I have made over four years is hard to describe. Most have come back and many are sitting here now. 6 Points has helped me mature in different ways, mostly in the way of the daily values, from courage to loyalty or compassion. I can’t wait to come back next year.

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