Blog  Shabbat Blog Week 2, Session 2

Shabbat Blog Week 2, Session 2

by Alan Friedman, Director

Session two at 6 Points Sports Academy started almost two weeks ago and brought an influx of campers, making it our biggest session ever with 230 young Jewish athletes. The weather has held out this session, with sun and hot days adding to the summer camp feel. The campers spent the first week working hard in their sport majors and trying new activities during electives, and everyone was ready for a Shabbat break.

Last Friday a special guest arrived at camp, Jewish singer/songwriter Dan Nichols. He has been to 6 Points in past summers, and our returning campers were excited to have him visiting for Shabbat. He brought energy and ruach (spirit) to our Friday evening service, which we were lucky to be able to hold in our outdoor sanctuary surrounded by woods.  Friday evenings after services we divide into lower and upper circles (by age) and have a bracelet ceremony where campers who have exhibited the middot (values) we have learned each day are acknowledged. Then the camp community comes together again for a ruckus and loud song session followed by siyum, our nightly conclusion of the sh’ma and hashkivenu as one community.

6 Points

6 Points

On Saturday morning after tefila (prayers) campers spend some time bonding with their dorm mates, playing other

sports with neighboring dorms, having small group song sessions with Dan Nichols, and participating in an Israel program planned and presented by our Israeli Shlichim (counselors). The Israel program had stations where the

campers learned about Israeli inventions including instant messaging, the Iron Dome, and cherry tomatoes, had a

discussion with Theodor Herzl (impersonated) who talked with them about the formation of the State of Israel, a station about cultural aspects including an unique a cappella group and how the holiday of Purim is celebrated, and a station where they learned a popular Israeli dance, which has been embraced particularly by our upper village who have asked to dance it many evenings during shmooze time. Saturday evening with our guest Dan Nichols we stood arm in arm for Havdallah, and then cheered for our weekly slideshow compiled by our camp photographer Heidi Morton. That Saturday night held more excitement, unknown to the campers, which was evident by the shock and excitement as Maccabiah (color war) of session two broke with the generals (counselors) running out spraying silly string and announced captains and lieutenants for their respective teams of blue and gold.

This led into an intense day of competition beginning at morning stretch where the campers arrived in outfits of blue or gold, a sing-a-song breakfast to help us wake up, and right into dorm competitions of water polo, bombardment (dodge

ball), volleyball, team handball, and a scavenger hunt around campus involving riddles related to the theme. Second session’s Maccabiah’s theme stayed current with summer in the ‘real world’ by having a faceoff between Monsters Inc., and Despicable Me 2, both movies that have come out with hit sequels this summer. This unique Maccabiah lasted twenty-four hours, asking campers and staff to leave everything in the competitions all over camp, all day. In true Maccabiah tradition, the camp participated in a Manners Meal lunch and a Silent Meal dinner, as well as the infamous Maccabiah Relay which gives each camper a role to help a baton progress on a path leading all over campus, ending in a half court shot attempted by four campers from our two oldest dorms, a boy and girl representing each team. The rush

after one camper makes the shot – winning the relay for his or her team is intoxicating. The winning team rushes the court and surrounds the camper in excitement and congratulations, but the competition is not over until songs (re-written with lyrics to match the theme) have been presented and scored, and points from all the events of the day have been tallied. This session’s winning team was the blue team!  After our camp community is brought back together with siyum, we all headed to bed rested and excited for another week of camp!

During the past week our athletes trained hard on the fields and courts in their sport majors.  Just talking with the

coaches and athletes I know our campers had a great week and gained new skills while having a great time at camp.  Tomorrow all of our campers will be receiving an evaluation and feedback from their head coach.  Early next week parents will be receiving a Zoom Report with their children’s evaluation.  This report gives training tips on what to work on this winter.

It’s hard to believe that we are preparing for our second Shabbat of second session and that also means we are preparing to say goodbye to about 170 of our 230 campers on Sunday morning.


Alan rounds the bases

This morning we introduced Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) as our value of the day.  We are going to show this value in true 6 Points Sports Academy spirit as our entire camp participates in our first annual 5K run for charity tomorrow morning after tefila (prayers).  This year we will be making a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation in honor of all of our campers and staff.  Make sure you check out Bunk 1 for pictures of the amazing event.

Tonight our Camp Committee joins us in Greensboro for Shabbat.  These individuals (Earl Ferguson, Jeanne Ellinport, Marc Isaacson, Stephanie Scalise and Scott Winter) were an integral part of creating 6 Points Sports.  Their hard work

and dedication have helped us grow and develop over the past five years.  This fall we will be looking for additional

members to grow our committee to help guide and sustain 6 Points Sports going forward.  If you are interested in helpingout please be in contact with us.

It has been a pleasure to have your children with us over the past four weeks and we are looking forward to session 3!

Have a wonderful Shabbat and a great rest of the summer.



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